1. FBR has introduced a new end-to-end integrated system ”Iris” ;

  2. For e-filing of Return for tax year 2014 or 2015 login to Iris click here;

  3.  For other transactions login to “e-portal” as usual;

  4.  For “Iris” login, User ID is 13 digit CNIC No. without dashes (-) for individual and 7 digit NTN without dashes (-) for foreigner individual, Company & AOP. However, Password are the same as are already being used for logging in to “e-portal”

  5.  If you have not been issued any log-in User ID / Password, please e-enroll yourself (Swift e-Enrollment for Salaried Persons | e-Enrollment other then Salaried Person)

  6.  To download Print Help on “Iris” click here;

  7.  To download Audio/Video Help on “Iris” click here;

  8. To obtain our Representative’s Help on “Iris” call 051 111 772 772 from 8:00 hrs To 24:00 hrs Monday through Friday (Click here)

  9. For issues which remain unresolved or queries which remain unanswered for 12 hours, please email Member (IT), FBR at