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Mr. Rozi Khan Burki (BS-22)

Member HRM

Mr. Rozi Khan Burki hails from Kanigram, South Waziristan.  He is M.A. Political Science (Peshawar University) and M.Sc (Defence and Strategic Study) from National Defence University.  He belongs to Pakistan Customs Service from 10th CTP.  During his illustrious service career he has been posted on different assignments in all the provinces of Pakistan including Azad Jammu Kashmir.  He has been Collector Customs Peshawar and Quetta and served in the FBR in almost all ranks.  He has represented the country and the Department in various national and international training courses and conferences including the neighboring countries Afghanistan, Iran and India.  His last assignment before his elevation to BS-22 was Chief Collector Customs (Central), Lahore.


Mr. Rozi Khan Burki
 Member (HRM)

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