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Job Descriptions:

Tax Policy Analysis Unit

1. Research and analysis of Macroeconomic indicators and their trends vis-à-vis implications for     revenue collection.
2. Analysis of data relating to collection of Duty and Tax (Direct Taxes, indirect Taxes & Customs) and generation of fiscal updates on revenue collection.
3. Analysis of tax expenditure and compliance cost.
4. Conduct research for suggesting new taxation measures along with impact analysis and revenue forecasting.
5. Perform any other duty or task assigned by the chairman, FBR.

Market Monitoring & Intervention Unit

1. Analysis of economic trends in different sectors, forecasting its impact on revenue collection and identification of sectors and subsectors where revenue growth is below potential along with proposed remedies.
2. Undertake forensic audit of units and sectors on the directions of Board-in-Council.
3. Analysis of average tax collection and actionable recommendations.
4. Monthly Reports on revenue collection; highlighting anomalies and trends.
5. Impact assessment of new tax measures and generation of evaluation reports on revenue responsiveness of each such measure.
6. Conduct studies, as suggested by other wings, particularly sectoral & industry analysis on tax contributions.
7 The Member (RA&R) shall also act as Project Director of the PMU for the Revenue Mobilization Project.