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Customs Budget Proposals for Tax Year: 2012-13


(Instructions for submission of proposals)


A. PROPOSAL FORMS: Each proposal should be furnished with relevant Proposal Form, namely:

  1. Form-I - for Tariff changes (proposed)

  2. Form-II – for Rules and Procedures changes (proposed)

  3. Form-III – for Customs Act changes (proposed)

  4. Form-IV – for industrial concessions (proposed)



    The justification of each proposal should be supported by analysis or research study reports, supporting data and context / background of the issue.Each Proposal should be backed by:
  1. Supporting data

  2. Research study or analysis reports

  3. Background (earlier documents or correspondence)

  4. List of stakeholders (public, private) to be involved in the work-group/discussion
    Copies of the above supporting documents must be attached with the Proposal, so that it is not dropped because of any infirmity or lack of justification.




In order to enable the FBR, Customs Wing to properly process and evaluate each proposal, the Proposal Forms should be prepared on MS Excel spreadsheets (please DO NOT USE MS Word, text, PDF or any other format) and shared to FBR via email. Supporting documents should be sent both in hard and in soft form (preferably), if available.




Proposal Forms should be sent via email to . Supporting documents should be sent via email (preferably) and/or in hard form at the following address:
Secretary Customs Budget, Customs Wing
FBR House, Constitution Avenue, Islamabad
Tel: 051 – 921 8740




Please ensure the following:
1. Proposal Form in spreadsheet (MS Excel form) is shared via email
2. Supporting documents are attached
3. List of stakeholders is attached.