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Component of Reforms

Component of Reforms

Management and Institutional Development
  • Organizational Design

  • Human Resource Management

  • Training

  • Improving Professional Ethics

  • Internal Audit Function

  • Internal Affairs and Vigilance Function

  • Managing Organizational Change

Improving Revenue Operations
  • Direct Taxes

  • Sales Tax

  • Customs

Strengthening Revenue Services
  • Establishing Audit Function

  • Establishing Collection & Enforcement Function

  • Establishing National Intelligence and Risk management Function

  • Establishing Custom and Tax Fraud Function

Tax Compliance Culture
  • Establishing Taxpayers Identification, Registration, Return Processing and Accounts Function

  • Establishing Facilitation and Tax Education Function

  • Impact Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Adopting Responsive IT Systems
  • HQ Information Systems

  • Direct Tax Information System

  • Sales Tax Information System

  • Customs Information system

Infrastructure Up-gradion and Development
Program Management and Implementation