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Launching of IRIS-ADX for offline entry of Sales Tax Data

Welcome to Iris-ADX download page.

Iris-Asynchronous Data Exchange (ADX) is a solution for taxpayer facilitation, providing features for preparation of Sales Invoices and synchronization of data between Client and Server. Using this application, taxpayers may process sales tax invoices in off-line mode and once finalized, will mark these invoices for synchronization with FBR’s data repositories on demand.

To use Iris-ADX, please follow the instructions below:

Sr #



Make sure your system is running .Net v3.5 / .Net v4.5.2. In case you do not have the required version of .Net framework, please download the required framework by clicking on the following links:

a. .Net v4.5.2

b. .Net v3.5


Download a fresh copy of Iris-ADX application (Beta) here .


Download Iris-ADX SQL Server Database Backup file here .


Download Iris-ADX Data Synchronization Service (Windows Service) here .


Please download the step-by-step installation guide of Iris-ADX here .


For a step-by-step guide to using the Iris-ADX to prepare Sales Invoices in offline mode, please click here .

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