Procedure for Sale of Confiscated Vehicles to ( with tampered chassis number) other departments S.R.O637(I)/2018 - Amendment in S.R.O. 894(I)/2006, dated 31.08.2006 S.R.O648(I)/2018 - Further Amendment in Customs Rules, 2001S.R.O649(I)/2018 - Amendment in Tracking and Monitoring of Cargo Rules, 2012Federal Budget 2018-19 - Customs Tariff, Notification (S.R.Os), CGO Fifth Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969 (2018-19)Pakistan Customs Tariff (Amendment-2018)Amendment in CGO-4/2017 , dated 22.06.2017S.R.O647(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.327(I)/2008, dated 29.03.2008S.R.O646(I)/2018 - Superseded of SRO.811(I)/2013, dated 20.09.2013S.R.O645(I)/2018 - Levy of Regulatory Duty on Exports of Goods (Superseded SRO.321(I)/2009, 1011(I)/2005, 594(I)/2009, and 946(I)/2008)S.R.O644(I)/2018 - Exemption from customs duty on electric vehicles (CBU)S.R.O643(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.656(I)/2006, dated 22.06.2006S.R.O641(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.565(I)/2006, dated 05.06.2006S.R.O642(I)/20182 - Amendment in SRO.655(I)/2006, dated 22.06.2006S.R.O640(I)/2018 - Superseded SRO.1035(I)/2017, dated 16.10.2017S.R.O639(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.1151(I)/2007, dated 26.11.2007S.R.O638(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.558(I)/2004, dated 01.07.2004S.R.O636(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.741(I)/2013, dated 28.08.2013S.R.O635(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.497(I)/2009, dated 13.06.2009S.R.O634(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.1296(I)/2005, dated 31.12.2005S.R.O633(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.1274(I)/2006, dated 29.12.2006S.R.O632(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.280(I)/2014, dated 08.04.2014S.R.O631(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.1261(I)/2007 dated 31.12.2007S.R.O630(I)/2018 Updated - Superseded SRO.1178(I)/2015, dated 30.11.2015S.R.O629((I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.39(I)/2017, 23.01.2017S.R.O628(I)/2018 - Amendment in SRO.659(I)/2007, dated 30.06.2007 Instruction regarding (Federal Excise Duty) rates on Cigarettes and CementS.R.O627(I)/2018 - FED rates on Cigarettes under rescission of S.R.O 561(I)/2018 dated 30.04.2018Clarification regarding Fraudulent Notification/S.R.O

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