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Sr #SRO #TitleIssue DateRelating To
1 1276(I)/2018Amendment in S.R.O 565(I)/2006 dated 05.06.200618-10-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
2 1265(I)/2018Supersession of S.R.O 640(I)/2018 dated 24.05.2018 (Regulatory Duty)16-10-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
3 1266(I)/2018Amendment in S.R.O 630(I)/2018 dated 24.05.201816-10-2018SROs>> Customs
4 1200(I)/2018The R.D has been withdrawn on LPG03-10-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
5 1011(I)/2018Amendment in Notification No. 645(I)/2018 dated 24-05-201815-08-2018SROs>> Customs>> Export
6 861(I)/2018Amendment in notification S.R.O 1090(I)/2010 dated 01-12-201009-07-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
7 862(I)/2018Amendment in notification S.R.O 42(I)/2014 dated 20-01-201409-07-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
8 863(I)/2018Amendment in Notification S.R.O 43(I)/2014 dated 20-01-201409-07-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
9 848(I)/2018Amendment in S.R.O 630(I)/2018 dated 24-05-201804-07-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
10 847(I)/2018Rescind S.R.O 48(I)/2018 dated 23-01-201804-07-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
11 833(I)/2018Import of Vintage / Classic Cars S.R.O No. 833(I)/2018, dated 3/7/2018 03-07-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
12 831(I)/2018Amendment in Customs Rules, 200102-07-2018SROs>> Customs
13 826(I)/2018Amendment in S.R.O 39(I)/2017 dated 23-01-201729-06-2018SROs>> Customs
14 710(I)/2018Amendment in notification number S.R.O.640(I)/201807-06-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
15 628(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.659(I)/2007, dated 30.06.2007 24-05-2018SROs>> Customs
16 629((I)/2018Amendment in SRO.39(I)/2017, 23.01.201724-05-2018SROs>> Customs
17 630(I)/2018Superseded SRO.1178(I)/2015, dated 30.11.201524-05-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
18 631(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.1261(I)/2007 dated 31.12.200724-05-2018SROs>> Customs
19 632(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.280(I)/2014, dated 08.04.201424-05-2018SROs>> Customs
20 633(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.1274(I)/2006, dated 29.12.200624-05-2018SROs>> Customs
21 634(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.1296(I)/2005, dated 31.12.200524-05-2018SROs>> Customs
22 635(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.497(I)/2009, dated 13.06.200924-05-2018SROs>> Customs
23 636(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.741(I)/2013, dated 28.08.201324-05-2018SROs>> Customs
24 638(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.558(I)/2004, dated 01.07.200424-05-2018SROs>> Customs
25 639(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.1151(I)/2007, dated 26.11.200724-05-2018SROs>> Customs
26 640(I)/2018Superseded SRO.1035(I)/2017, dated 16.10.201724-05-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
27 642(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.655(I)/2006, dated 22.06.200624-05-2018SROs>> Customs
28 641(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.565(I)/2006, dated 05.06.200624-05-2018SROs>> Customs
29 643(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.656(I)/2006, dated 22.06.200624-05-2018SROs>> Customs
30 644(I)/2018Exemption from customs duty on electric vehicles (CBU)24-05-2018SROs>> Customs>> Import
31 645(I)/2018Levy of Regulatory Duty on Exports of Goods (Superseded SRO.321(I)/2009, 1011(I)/2005, 594(I)/2009, and 946(I)/2008)24-05-2018SROs>> Customs>> Export
32 646(I)/2018Superseded of SRO.811(I)/2013, dated 20.09.201324-05-2018SROs>> Customs>> Export
33 647(I)/2018Amendment in SRO.327(I)/2008, dated 29.03.200824-05-2018SROs>> Customs>> Export
34 649(I)/2018Amendment in Tracking and Monitoring of Cargo Rules, 201224-05-2018SROs>> Customs
35 648(I)/2018Amendment in SRO 450(I)/2001 dated 18.06.2001 24-05-2018SROs>> Customs
36 637(I)/2018Amendment in S.R.O. 894(I)/2006, dated 31.08.2006 24-05-2018SROs>> Customs
37 51(I)/2018Exemption of whole of customs duty on import of construction materials and goods, whether or not manufactured locally, imported by M/s CSCEC for the construction of Karachi-Peshawar Motorway (Sukkur-Multan Section)24-01-2018SROs>> Customs
38 58(I)/2018Amendment in Schedule XXXV of S.R.O 212(I)/2009 dated 05-03-200924-01-2018SROs>> Customs>> Export
39 48(I)/2018Exemption of Customs Duty on Cotton23-01-2018SROs>> Customs
40 36(I)/2018Amendment in S.R.O 121(I)/2014 and S.R.O 601(I)/2011 (Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Rules) (Transit under Customs Computerized System)17-01-2018SROs>> Customs
41 06(I)/2018Amendment in S.R.O 1035(I)/2017, dated 16-10-201703-01-2018SROs>> Customs
42 1241(I)/2017Regulatory Duty on Import of LPG07-12-2017SROs>> Customs
43 1066(I)/2017TIR Rules - FBR achieved a major milestone towards implementation of TIR system in Pakistan by issuing TIR Rules. 20-10-2017SROs>> Customs
44 1035(I)/2017Levy of regulatory duty(Superseded by SRO 640(I)/2018)16-10-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
45 822(I)/2017Amendment in Notification no S.R.O 42(I)/2014, dated 20th January, 201417-08-2017SROs>> Customs
46 823(I)/2017Amendment in Notification no S.R.O 1090(I)/2010, dated 1st December, 201017-08-2017SROs>> Customs
47 824(I)/2017Amendment in Notification no S.R.O 43(I)/2014, dated 20th January, 201417-08-2017SROs>> Customs
48 654(I)/2017Amendment in SRO 1178(I)/2015.13-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
49 554(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.1178(I)/2015, dated 30.11.201501-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
50 555(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.568(I)/2014, dated 26.06.201401-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
51 556(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.482(I)/2009, dated 13.06.200901-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
52 557(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.39(I)/2017, dated 23.01.201701-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
53 558(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.655(I)/2006 dated 22.06.200601-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
54 559(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.656(I)/2006, dated 22.06.2006 01-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
55 560(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.693(I)/2006, dated 01.07.200601-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
56 561(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.565(I)/2006, dated 05.06.200601-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
57 562(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.499(I)/2013, dated 12.06.201301-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
58 563(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.499(I)/2009, 13.06.200901-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
59 564(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.450(I)/2001, dated 18.06.200101-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
60 565(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.577(I)/2006, dated 05.06.200601-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
61 566(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.558(I)/2004, dated 01.07.2004 01-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
62 567(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.1296(I)/2005, dated 31.12.200501-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
63 568(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.894(I)/2006, dated 31.08.200601-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
64 569(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.1274(I)/2006, dated 29.12.200601-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
65 570(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.659(I)/2007, dated 30.06.200701-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
66 571(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.1151(I)/2007, dated 26.11.200701-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
67 572(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.1261(I)2007, dated 31.12.200701-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
68 573(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.497(I)/2009, dated 13.06.200901-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
69 574(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.741(I)/2013, dated 28.08.201301-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
70 575(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.280(I)/2014, dated 08.04.201401-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
71 576(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.209(I)/2009, dated 05.03.200901-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Export
72 577(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.210(I)/2009, dated 05.03.200901-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Export
73 578(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.211(I)/2009, dated 05.03.200901-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Export
74 579(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.212(I)/2009, dated 05.03.200901-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Export
75 580(I)/2017Exemption from surcharge on warehousing goods01-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
76 582(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O.413(I)/2012, dated 25.04.201201-07-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
77 504(I)/2017Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 482(I)/2009 21-06-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
78 505(I)/2017Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 568(I)/2014 21-06-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
79 170(I)/2017Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights16-03-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
80 140(I)/2017Amendment in SRO No. 40(I)/2017 dated 25.01.201708-03-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
81 40(I)/2017Customs Duties exemption for Orange Line Project25-01-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
82 39(I)/2017Exemption from Customs duty on import of goods....23-01-2017SROs>> Customs>> Import
83 38(I)/2017Amendment in SRO 1178(I)/2015, dated 30.11.201523-01-2017SROs>> Customs
84 11(I)/2017Amendment in Customs Rules, 2001.04-01-2017SROs>> Customs
85 1130(I)/2016Specification of areas for loading and unloading of Bulk grain and fertilizer.01-12-2016SROs>> Customs
86 854(I)/2016Amendment shall be made in Notification No. S.R.O 254(I)/2015 dated, 30th March 201509-09-2016SROs>> Customs>> Import
87 731(I)/2016Amendment in Notification No. 642(I)/2016 dated 27.07.201608-08-2016SROs>> Customs
88 642(I)/2016Exemption of customs duty on import of equipment and construction machinery, if not manufactured locally, imported by M/s China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd., (M/s CSCECL) for the construction of Karachi – Peshawar Motorway (Sukkur-Multan Section) and M/s China Communication Construction Company (M/s CCCC) for construction of Karakorum Highway (KKH) Phase-II (Thakot – Havelian Section) vide SRO 642(I)/2016, dated 27th July, 2016.27-07-2016SROs>> Customs>> Import
89 614(I)/2016Amendment in notification No.S.R.O 568(I)/201414-07-2016SROs>> Customs
90 485(I)/2016Amendment in SRO. 482(I)/2009, dated 13.06.200930-06-2016SROs>> Customs
91 482(I)/2016Amendments in SRO 655(I)/2006 dated 22.06.201629-06-2016SROs>> Customs
92 483(I)/2016Amendment in SRO. 656(I)/2006, dated 22.06.200629-06-2016SROs>> Customs
93 484(I)/2016Amendment in SRO. 693(I)/2006, dated 01.07.200629-06-2016SROs>> Customs
94 474(I)/2016Amendments shall be made in Notification No. S.R.O 565(I)/2006, dated the 5th June, 200624-06-2016SROs>> Customs
95 475 (I)/2016Following further amendments shall be made in Notification No. S.R.O.568(I)/2014, dated the 26th June,201424-06-2016SROs>> Customs
96 476(I)/2016Following amendments shall be made in Notification No. S.R.O.1178(I)/2015, dated the 30th November, 201524-06-2016SROs>> Customs
97 477(I)/2016Following amendment shall be made in Notification No. S.R.O.236(I)/2016, dated the 21st March,201624-06-2016SROs>> Customs
98 478(I)/2016Federal Government is pleased to rescind its Notification No. S.R.O. 809(I)/2009, dated the 19th September, 200924-06-2016SROs>> Customs
99 236(I)/2016Increase in rate of regulatory duty on import of Iron and Steel finished products.21-03-2016SROs>> Customs>> Import
100 1248(I)/2015Regulatory duty on the import of maize at the rate of Thirty percent (30%)-(Superseded by S.R.O 1035(I)/2017 dated October 16,2017)17-12-2015SROs>> Customs>> Import