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This List Contain SRO from Year 1991. For earlier SROs consult non web sources
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Sr #SRO #TitleIssue DateRelating To
1 30(I)/2015Notification (Income Tax) S.R.O 30(I)/2015 Dated 14.01.201514-01-2015SROs>> Income Tax
2 1034(I)/2014Exemption from penalty and Default Surcharge if Return for Tax Year 2014 is filed by 05-12-201421-11-2014SROs>> Income Tax
3 1021(I)/2014The following draft of certain further amendments in the Income Tax Rules, 2002, which the Federal Board of Revenue proposes to make ,is hereby published for the information of all persons likely to be affected thereby, and notice is hereby given that the draft will be taken into consideration by the Federal Board of Revenue after seven days of its publication in the official Gazette.12-11-2014SROs>> Income Tax
4 963(I)/2014Return Of Total Income/Statement Of Final Taxation For Companies For Tax Year 201417-09-2014SROs>> Income Tax
5 819(I)/2014Amendment in Income Tax Rule,2002 16-09-2014SROs>> Income Tax
6 817(I)/2014Advance Tax on Air Tickets15-09-2014SROs>> Income Tax
7 765(I)/2014Amendment in Income Tax Rule,2002 (ATL)26-08-2014SROs>> Income Tax
8 717(I)/2014Federal Board of Revenue is pleased to specify the manner and the conditions for issuance of exemption certificate, exempting import of raw material from the provisions...............07-08-2014SROs>> Income Tax>> Exemption
9 716(I)/2014Amendment shall be made in the Second Schedule.07-08-2014SROs>> Income Tax
10 698(I)/2014S.R.O 698(I)/2014 Date 24.07.201425-07-2014SROs>> Income Tax
11 699(I)/2014S.R.O 699(I)/2014 Date 24.07.201424-07-2014SROs>> Income Tax
12 686(I)/2014Draft Return Form for Companies for Tax Year 201423-07-2014SROs>> Income Tax
13 618(I)/2014Draft Return Form for Tax Year 201401-07-2014SROs>> Income Tax>> Return Forms
14 351(I)/2014S.R.O 351(I)/2014 Dated 07.05.201407-05-2014SROs>> Income Tax
15 341(I)/2014Imposition of Regulatory Duty @ 25% on the export of Potatoes and Withdrawal of Customs Duty, Sales Tax and Withholding Taxes on import of potatoes for the period 5th May, 2014 to 31st July, 201402-05-2014SROs>> Income Tax
16 115(I)/2014Banking Companies Reporting Requirements19-02-2014SROs>> Income Tax
17 17(I)/2014Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 200113-01-2014SROs>> Income Tax
18 1064(I)/2013Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 200120-12-2013SROs>> Income Tax
19 1065(I)/2013Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 200120-12-2013SROs>> Income Tax
20 1035(I)/2013Draft SRO - Banking Companies Reporting Requirement05-12-2013SROs>> Income Tax
21 1040(I)/2013For tax year 2013, the provision of section 177 and section 214C shall not apply to a taxpayer, if the tax paid on the basis of taxable income declared by the taxpayer for the tax year 2013 is at least 25% more than the tax assessed or paid, whichever is higher, for the tax year 2012.05-12-2013SROs>> Income Tax
22 980(I)/2013 Federal Government is pleased to direct that the following further amendments shall be made in the Second Schedule to the said Income Tax Ordinance, 200118-11-2013SROs>> Income Tax
23 978(I)/2013Amendments shall be made in the Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance 13-11-2013SROs>> Income Tax
24 904(I)/2013FBR is pleased to make the rules, for the purpose of collection and recovery of the Income Support Levy 08-10-2013SROs>> Income Tax>> Levy of Taxes
25 900(I)/2013Amendments in second schedule of Income Tax Ordinance 200104-10-2013SROs>> Income Tax
27 799(I)/2013Income Tax Return for Individual and Association of Persons (AOPs) for Tax Year 201317-09-2013SROs>> Income Tax
29 S.R.O 739(I)/2013Draft Income Tax Returns IT226-08-2013SROs>> Income Tax
30 669(I)/2013S.R.O 669(I)/2013 dated 17th July, 201323-07-2013SROs>> Income Tax
31 499(I)/2013S.R.O 499(I)/2013 superseded S.R.O. 607(I)/2012, dated the 2nd June, 201212-06-2013SROs>> Income Tax
32 494(I)/2013The Federal Government is pleased to exempt the whole amount of default surcharge, penalty and other surcharge payable by a person against whom…10-06-2013SROs>> Income Tax
33 451(I)/2013Amendment shall be made in Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.27-05-2013SROs>> Income Tax
34 439(I)/2013Amendment shall be made in Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.20-05-2013SROs>> Income Tax
35 212(I)/2013Amendments in 2nd Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance14-03-2013SROs>> Income Tax
36 140(I)/2013Amendment shall be made in the Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.26-02-2013SROs>> Income Tax
37 125(I)/2013Amendment in the Income Tax Rules, 2002.22-02-2013SROs>> Income Tax
38 126(I)/2013SRO 126(I)/2013 dated 13.02.201313-02-2013SROs>> Income Tax
39 ---(I)/2013Draft Notification of Amendment in the Income Tax Rules, 2002.06-02-2013SROs>> Income Tax
40 1487(I)/2012Suspension of provisions of section 153A of the Income Tax Ordinance,200124-12-2012SROs>> Income Tax
41 SRO--(I)/2012Draft amendment in the Second Schedule the Income Tax Rules, 200228-11-2012SROs>> Income Tax
42 1353(I)/2012S.R.O 1353(I)/2012, dated31.10.201205-11-2012SROs>> Income Tax
43 1225(I)/2012Exemption has been granted from Income Tax on income derived from "Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, SIUT Trust and Society for Welfare of Patients of SIUT", by adding a new sub clause in clause (66) in Part-1 in the Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.03-10-2012SROs>> Income Tax
44 1119(I)/2012Ammendment in Income Tax Rule 2002.12-09-2012SROs>> Income Tax
45 1077(I)/2012Ammendment in 2nd Schedule in Income Tax ordinance 2001.31-08-2012SROs>> Income Tax
46 902(I)/2012Special provisions relating to Capital Gain20-07-2012SROs>> Income Tax
47 848(I)/2012Notification of Corporate/Individual/AOP Income Tax Return for Tax Year 201216-07-2012SROs>> Income Tax
48 819(I)/2012Exemption has been granted from Income Tax on income derived from Welfare Fund created under rule 26 of the Emigration Rules, 1979 from the tax year 2003.06-07-2012SROs>> Income Tax
49 772(I)/2012SRO 772(I)/2012, Dated 26.06.201226-06-2012SROs>> Income Tax
50 769(I)/2012In SRO No. 769(I)/2012 extension of date upto 30.06.2012 in its 699(I)/2012 dated 07.06.201225-06-2012SROs>> Income Tax
51 752(I)/2012Corporate Income Tax Return Forms are proposed to be changed. Draft Forms are placed here for publics comments.19-06-2012SROs>> Income Tax
52 S.R.O 727(I)/2012Income Tax Return Forms are proposed to be changed. Draft Forms are placed here for public comments.12-06-2012SROs>> Income Tax
53 699(I)/2012Extension in the date of applicability of SRO 547(I)/2012 dated 22/5/201211-06-2012SROs>> Income Tax
54 607(I)/2012Exemption from Customs duty/sales tax/Income Tax on import of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)02-06-2012SROs>> Income Tax
55 2012SRO569Amendment in Income Tax Ordinance, 200126-05-2012SROs>> Income Tax
56 561(I)/2012In SRO No. 561(I)/2012 banking company required to payment of advance tax in accordance with sub-rule (I) shall estimate the tax payable by it for relevant tax year at any time before the installment payable on 15th June of the relevant year is due.24-05-2012SROs>> Income Tax
57 550(I)/2012A new clause(24B) has been inserted in Part-II of Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, to provide for reduced rates of minimum tax under sections 113 and withholding tax under section 153, in case of steel mills and steel re-rolling mills.23-05-2012SROs>> Income Tax
58 547(I)/2012SRO 547(I)/2012, Exemption has been granted to withholding agents to the whole of the amount of default surcharge and penalty for non deduction of advance withholding tax or having deducted or withheld failed to deposit the withholding tax deducted or withheld22-05-2012SROs>> Income Tax>> Exemption
59 549(I)/2012A new clause is being added in lieu of which Motors Cycles dealers registered under the Sales Tax Act, 1990, will pay minimum tax under section 113 at the reduced rate of 50 % for the tax year 2011 and 75% for the year 2012 onwards.22-05-2012SROs>> Income Tax
60 2012SRO463SRO 463(I)/2012, dated 28.04.2012 28-04-2012SROs>> Income Tax
61 2012SRO383Amendment in Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 200118-04-2012SROs>> Income Tax
62 299(I)/2012SRO 299(I)/2012, Dated 12.03.201212-03-2012SROs>> Income Tax
63 2012SRO64Amendment in Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 200108-02-2012SROs>> Income Tax
64 57(I)/2012Ammendment in Part-III of 2nd Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 200126-01-2012SROs>> Income Tax
65 1003(I)/2011Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance.31-10-2011SROs>> Income Tax
66 990(I)/2011Amendment in Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.27-10-2011SROs>> Income Tax
67 978(I)/2011Amendment in Annex-D of Income Tax Returns 2011 (SRO 850(I)/2011 Dated 17.09.2011)21-10-2011SROs>> Income Tax
68 977(I)2011Amendment in Income Tax Ordinance, 200119-10-2011SROs>> Income Tax
69 929(I)/2011SRO 929(I)/2011, Dated 28-09-2011.28-09-2011SROs>> Income Tax
70 850(I)/2011New Income Tax Return Form for the tax year 201117-09-2011SROs>> Income Tax
71 787(I)/2011Specific exemption for Growers of Agricultural Produce, Oil Tanker’s expenses and steel melters.22-08-2011SROs>> Income Tax
72 SRO...(I)/2011Draft Income Tax returns for Individuals/ AOPs and Companies for the tax year 2011.08-08-2011SROs>> Income Tax
73 725(I)/2011SRO725(I)/201128-07-2011SROs>> Income Tax
74 715(I)/2011Amendment in Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.20-07-2011SROs>> Income Tax
75 707(I)/2011SRO 707(I)/2011 Dated, 09-07-2011.09-07-2011SROs>> Income Tax
76 647(I)/2011Federal Government is pleased to exempt penalty and default surcharge25-06-2011SROs>> Income Tax
77 609(I)/2011With respected to a project situated in the Special Economic Zone at Thar coalified the words Coal Mining and Coal Based Power Generation Projects in Sindh shall be substituted.13-06-2011SROs>> Income Tax
78 S.R.O459(I)/2011Amendment in Income Tax Rules, 2002 09-06-2011SROs>> Income Tax
79 S.R.O458(I)/2011Amendment in Income Tax Rules, 200209-06-2011SROs>> Income Tax
80 357(I)/2011Amendment in Income Tax Ordinance, 200104-05-2011SROs>> Income Tax
81 333(I)/2011Reduced rate of withholding tax on Sales / Supplies procured by taxpayers covered under sales tax zero rated regime.02-05-2011SROs>> Income Tax
82 328(I)/2011Amendment shall be made in the Income Tax Rules, 200227-04-2011SROs>> Income Tax
83 317(I)/2011Amendment in Second Schedule in Part-iv (Addition of Clause 78.)19-04-2011SROs>> Income Tax
84 316(I)/2011Amendment in Income Tax Rules (231C)18-04-2011SROs>> Income Tax
85 ____(I)/2011Draft amendments in the income tax return for the tax year 201116-04-2011SROs>> Income Tax
86 SRO288(I)/2011Withholding Tax on Sales Tax zero rated taxpayers (Fieve Categories)01-04-2011SROs>> Income Tax
87 263(I)/2011Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 in Part-IV19-03-2011SROs>> Income Tax
88 174(I)/2011Amendment in Part-III Second schedule of ITO 2001, Turnover Tax for cases of Flour Mills the rate of Minimum Tax on the amount representing annual turnover under section 113 shall be reduce by eighty percent05-03-2011SROs>> Income Tax
89 164(I)/2011Draft SRO Pertaining to Decommissioning Certificate28-02-2011SROs>> Income Tax
90 S.R.O 119(I)/2011Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 in Part-114-02-2011SROs>> Income Tax
91 SRO120(I)/2011Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 in Part-iv14-02-2011SROs>> Income Tax
92 112(I)/2011Computation of Capital Gain On Disposal Of Securities Under Section 37A of The Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 11-02-2011SROs>> Income Tax
93 92Amendment in Income Tax Ordinance, 200107-02-2011SROs>> Income Tax
94 35(I)/2010Extension in the dates of quarterly payments of adjustable advance taxon capital gains, payable under sub-section (5B) of the section 147 of the income tax ordinance, 200111-01-2011SROs>> Income Tax
95 09(I)/2011Active Taxpayer List - Draft Notifications06-01-2011SROs>> Income Tax
96 1158 (1)/2010Amendment in Income Tax Rules, 2002.(Return Of Total Income/Statement Of Final Taxation (For Company))31-12-2010SROs>> Income Tax>> Return Forms
97 1161(I)/2010Inclusion of individual having turnover or RS 50 Millions or above in Clause (V) of S.R.O 586(I)/91 OF 30/06/199131-12-2010SROs>> Income Tax
98 1159 (1)/2010Amendment in Income Tax Rules, 2002.(Return Of Total Income/Statement Of Final Taxation (For Individual/AOP))30-12-2010SROs>> Income Tax>> Return Forms
99 S.R.O1053(I)/2010Exemption from deduction of Advanced Tax v/s 235 of the Income Tax Ordinance22-11-2010SROs>> Income Tax
100 S.R.O. 895 (1)/2010Return for Individual & AOP for the tax year 201022-09-2010SROs>> Income Tax