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Sr #SRO #TitleIssue DateRelating To
1 414(I)/2018Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products with effect from 1st April, 2018 31-03-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
2 277(I)/2018Amendment in Sales Tax Rules, 2006 05-03-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
3 265(I)/2018Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products with effect from 1st March, 201828-02-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
4 259(I)/2018Amendment in the Sales Tax Rules, 200623-02-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
5 ---(I)/2018Corrigendum to S.R.O 47 (I) /2018 dated 23.1.201831-01-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
6 98(I)/2018Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products with effect from 1st February 201831-01-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
7 61(I)/2018Amendment in Sales Tax Special Procedure Rules, 200725-01-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
8 46(I)/2018Zero-rating of Sales Tax on import of raw and ginned cotton23-01-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
9 47(I)/2018Exemption of whole Sales Tax and FED on imported construction material and goods imported by M/s CSCECL23-01-2018SROs>> Sales Tax
10 1331(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products31-12-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
11 1244(I)/2017Amendment in SRO 308(I)/2008 dated 24-3-2008 allowing repayment of sales tax paid on steel products13-12-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
12 1070(I)/2017Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 1125(I)/2011 dated 31-12-201123-10-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
13 984(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products 30-09-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
14 868(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O 1125(I)/2011 dated 31-12-201131-08-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
15 867(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products effective from 1st September, 201731-08-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
16 757(I)/2017Change in Sales Tax Rates on Petroleum Products05-08-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
17 713(I)/2017Change in Sales Tax Rates on Petroleum Products Effective from 1st August, 201701-08-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
18 641(I)/2017Exemption from Sales Tax on Goods and Services Provided to the German Development Agency13-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax>> Exemption
19 583(I)/2017 Amendment in Sales Tax Special Procedure Rules 200701-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
20 584(I)/2017Amendment in SRO 1125(I)/201101-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
21 585(I)/2017Amendment in SRO 648(I)/201301-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
22 586(I)/2017 Amendment in Sales Tax Special Procedure Rules(WHT) 200701-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
23 587(I)/2017To Exempt ST on Local Supply of HEVs01-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
24 588(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO 445(I)/200401-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
25 589(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO 495(I)/201601-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
26 590(I)/2017 To exempt IT Services from S.T Under ICT Ord 200101-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
27 591(I)/2017Rescind SRO 491(I)/201501-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
28 592(I)/2017Amendment in Notification NO. S.R.O 549(I)/2006, dated the 5th June, 2006.01-07-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
29 581(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products effective from 1st July, 201730-06-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
30 408(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products effective from 1st June, 201731-05-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
31 292(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products effective from 1st May, 201730-04-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
32 273(I)/2017Sales Tax Shall be charged at rate of zero percent on the import of one hundred and fifty tonnes of dates gifted by KSA20-04-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
33 223(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products 31-03-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
34 139(I)/2017Amendment in SRO No. 42(I)/2017 06-03-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
35 125(I)/2017Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products28-02-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
36 116(I)/2017Exemption of Sales Tax on Supply of Furniture and other equipment for IT Labs of three Colleges in AJ & K affected by Earthquake, 200523-02-2017SROs>> Sales Tax>> Exemption
37 91(I)/2017Change in rates of Petroleum products15-02-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
38 42(I)/2017Exemption to equipment for contractor of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project26-01-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
39 36(I)/2017Amendment in S.R.O 1125(I)/2011, dated the 31st December,201123-01-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
40 21(I)/2017Change in Sales Tax rates on Petroleum Products15-01-2017SROs>> Sales Tax
41 1180(I)/2016Change in Sales Tax rates on Petroleum Products31-12-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
42 1127(I)/2016Change in Sales Tax rates on Petroleum Products30-11-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
43 1031(I)/2016Amendment in Sales Tax Rules, 2006.03-11-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
44 1011(I)/2016Change in Sales Tax rates on Petroleum Products31-10-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
45 925(I)/2016Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 57(I)/2016 dated the 29th January , 201630-09-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
46 898(I)/2016Exemption of Sales Tax of 35 Security/Armoured Vehicles for visiting dignitories26-09-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
47 852(I)/2016Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 116(I)/2015 dated 9th February, 201519-09-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
48 812(I)/2016Fixation of the value of White Crystalline Sugar02-09-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
49 814(I)/2016SRO under clause (22A) of section 2 of Sales Tax, 199002-09-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
50 806(I)/2016Change in Rate of Sales Tax on petroleum products with effect from 1st September, 201631-08-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
51 757(I)/2016Amendment in the Sales Tax Rules, 200615-08-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
52 721(I)/2016Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 499(I)/2016 dated 27th July,201608-08-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
53 500(I)2016Rate of Sales Tax on petroleum products with effect from 1st August, 201630-07-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
54 499(I)/2016Exemption of Sales Tax on Two projects pertaining to CPEC.27-07-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
55 643(I)/2016Exemption of Sales Tax chargeable on import of three scanners donation to Anti-Narcotics Force, by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 27-07-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
56 496(I)/2016Sales Tax shall be charged at the rate zero percent on import of 111 buses , imported during the financial year 2011-2012. by M/S Foton Bus Company (Pvt),ltd.14-07-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
57 495(I)/2016Rationalization of rate of sales tax on services in Islamabad Capital Territory 04-07-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
58 493(I)/2016Amendment in Sales Tax Rule01-07-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
59 490(I)/2016Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products30-06-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
60 492(I)/2016Fixation of minimum value of imported and domestically produced sugar for sales tax30-06-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
61 487(I)/2016Amendment in S.R.O 648(I)/2013 dated 9th July, 201330-06-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
62 488(I)/2016Amendment in Sales Tax Special Procedure Rule30-06-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
63 489(I)/2016Rescind S.R.O 115(I)/2008 and S.R.O 212(I)/201430-06-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
64 491(I)/2016Amendment to SRO 1125(I)/2011 dated 31.12.2011 - sales tax on export-oriented sectors30-06-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
65 471(I)/2016Sales Tax rates for Petroleum Products effective from 1st June 201631-05-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
66 369(I)2016Sales Tax rates for Petroleum Products effective from 1st May 201629-04-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
67 268(I)/2016Sales Tax rates for Petroleum Products effective from 1st April 201631-03-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
68 252(I)/2016Jurisdiction LTU-II Karachi in respect of I&I IR.25-03-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
69 227(I)/2016Amendment to the Sales Tax Rules, 2006 relating to registration procedure21-03-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
70 57(I)/2016Sales Tax rates for Petroleum Products effective from 1st February 201629-01-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
71 54(I)/2016Rules regarding selection of cases for audit under Sales Tax.28-01-2016SROs>> Sales Tax
72 1326(I)/2015Rationalisation of rate of Sales Tax rates on petroleum products31-12-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
73 1198(I)/2015Special Procedure for Adjustment of Sales Tax on Fertilizers Rules, 201503-12-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
74 1180(I)/2015Amendment in SRO 383(I)/2015 dated 30th April 2015-Change in Sales Tax rates on petroleum products30-11-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
75 1070(I)/2015Amendment in SRO 383(I)/2015 dated 30th April 2015-Change in Sales Tax rates on petroleum products31-10-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
76 962(I)/2015Enhancement of rate of sales tax on furnance oil30-09-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
77 963(I)/2015Change in Sales Tax rates on petroleum products30-09-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
78 874(I)/2015Amendment of SRO 383(I)/2015 dated 30.04.2015 to change the sales tax rates on motor sipirt, HOBC, Kerosene, HSD and LDO31-08-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
79 837(I)/2015Exemption of Supply of Wheat bran falling under PCT heading 2302.3000, from whole of Sales Tax.25-08-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
80 719(I)/2015Sales Tax shall be charged on the supply of electrical energy generaetd exclusively through high speed diesel (HSD)31-07-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
81 720(I)/2015Amendment in S.R.O 383(I)/201531-07-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
82 738(I)/2015Initially it was mandatory for retailers having debit/credit card machines to get Themselves registered under Sales Tax Act, 1990. Now such retailers are not required to obtain sales Tax registration. Other three conditions of registration in rule 4 of special Procedure Rules, 2007 continue to apply. 31-07-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
83 483(I)/2015Amendment in S.R.O 383(I)/2015 dated the 30th April, 201530-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
84 484(I)/2015Amendment Sales Tax (Special Procedures) Rules, 200730-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
85 485(I)/2015Amendment the Sales Tax Special Procedure (Withholding) Rules, 200730-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
86 486(I)/2015Amendment S.R.O 1125(I)/2011 dt. 31.12.201130-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
87 487(I)/2015Supersedes SRO 88(I)/2002 dt. 11.02.198830-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
88 488(I)/2015Rescission of certain sales tax SROs30-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
89 489(I)/2015Amends SRO 550(I)/2006 dt. 05.06.200630-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
90 491(I)/2015The minimum value of assessment of locally produced coal has been enhanced from Rs. 1000 per MT to Rs. 2500 per MT30-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
91 492(I)/2015Amendment SRO 647(I)/2007 dt. 27.06.200730-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
92 493(I)/2015Rescinds SRO 863(I)/2008 dt. 20.08.200830-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
93 494(I)/2015 Amends the Sales Tax Rules, 2006.30-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
94 600(I)/2015Sales tax shall be charged on supply of electrical energy at the rates indicated in the table supplied by Power Generation Companies generating electric power exclusively through High Speed Diesel (HSD). 25-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
95 479(I)/2015Amendment in its Notification No S.R.O. No 116(I)/2015, dated the 09th February, 2015.01-06-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
96 470(I)/2015Government has modified rates of sales tax applicable on different POL Products w.e.f 01.06.201531-05-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
97 398(I)/2015Sales Tax reduced to 5% for LNG imported for servicing CNG Sector and Fertilizer produced by using imported LNG (Conditions apply)08-05-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
98 383(I)/2015Sales Tax shall be charged on import and supplies of goods specified in the table. 30-04-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
99 255(I)/2015Change in Sales Tax rate in High Speed Diesel.31-03-2015SROs>> Sales Tax
100 188(I)/2015Special Procedure for Sales Tax on Cottonseed Oil Explelled by Oil Expelling Mills and Composite Units of Ginning and Expelling.05-03-2015SROs>> Sales Tax