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About SP&S Wing

Historical Background


SPR&S wing is one of the support wings created as a result of tax reforms. In March-April 2002, the Government appointed Professional Members from Private sectors for HRM, IMS, Audit, Taxpayers Education and Facilitation and Fiscal Research and Statistics. Creation of this wing was a progress of reform initiative. List of Members since its creation is as follows:

  1.  Dr. Athar Maqsood Ahmad

  2.  Mr. Ihsanul Haq

  3.  Mr. Afzal Bhatti

  4.  Mr. Mumtaz Haider Rizvi

  5.  Mr. Zafarul Majeed

  6.  Mr. Ibrar Ahmad Khan

  7.  Mr. Mehmood Alam

  8.  Mrs. Azra Mujtaba

  9.  Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

  10.  Mr. Nasir Masroor Ahmad

  11.  Hafiz Muhammad Ali Indhar

Workforce of SP&S Wing


The SPR&S team further comprises of one Chief of (BS-20). There is one Secretary (BS-19). Furthermore Directorate of Research & Statistics is also a part of SPR&S wing. Detail of the officers is as follows;



Working Strength





Joint Director



Deputy Director



Research / Statistical Officer





Functions of SPR&S Wing

  •          Detailed analysis of Collection vs. Targets

  •          Improve Revenue Collection through Research, Analysis of Data and Information

  •          Improvement in all fields of knowledge and services i.e. taxation and facilitation, Broadening of Tax Base etc.

Further Job description is as under:

  •  Bi-Annual Review

  •  Revenue Division Year Book

  •  Revenue Forecasting

  •  Liaison with donor agencies like IMF/world Bank

  •  National Assembly / Senate Business (data related)

  •  Correspondence with Government bodies like Finance division, Planning Commission etc.

  •  Coordination with different organizations for dissemination of information and data.