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FBR's Website Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to protecting your privacy and to making your online experience secure, comfortable, valuable and pleasant.
We do not collect any information about you unless you choose to provide that information. We may share necessary data with other Government agencies and departments. However, information collected by us is used only for official purposes, internal reviews, improvement of the content of our Website, customization of the content and layout of our Website and to contact users. We do not use, share or pass on your information for commercial purposes.
All record keepers face the possibility of disclosure of their records in some civil, criminal, or administrative matter. Federal Board Of Revenue could be required to disclose personal information in response to valid legal processes such as a search warrant, subpoena, or court order. Disclosures may also be necessary to protect the Government's legal rights or during emergencies if physical safety is believed to be at risk.

What Information About Users Does Collect?

We consider any information that could reasonably be used to identify you as "personally identifying information." The Federal Board Of Revenue does not retain personally identifiable information about you when you visit our Website unless you choose to provide such information to us (i.e. sending an e-mail, registering as a user, participating in a survey, responding to a feedback or "contact us" form, etc.)

E-Mail Communications and Web Forms

If you send us an electronic mail message with a question or comment that contains personally identifying information, or fill out a form that e-mails us information, we will use this personally identifying information only to respond to your request. We may redirect your message to another government agency or person who is in a better position to respond to your query or comment.
All e-mail messages received contain the e-mail addresses of persons who voluntarily communicated with or requested information from us. Your e-mail addresses are not sold, leased or shared with any non-governmental or commercial entities without the user's consent. When a user has given us their e-mail address for purposes of communicating with or requesting information from us, that communication becomes part of the public record and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by law.
Information submitted via e-mail or web forms may be at risk of being intercepted, read or modified. You are advised not to pass on any personal and confidential information such as security passwords and credit card numbers while using this Website unless specifically required by an authorized person. Federal Board Of Revenue shall not be liable for any misuse or loss of any such information.

Web Cookies

A Cookie is a small file stored on your computer by your web browser when using some Internet sites. Cookies can also store personal information such as your name, e-mail address, home or work address, or telephone number. Persistent Cookies can use this type of personal information to identify you whenever you access a web site. Sessional Cookies are used to help you move around a web site and do not store personal information.

Security Measures

We take very seriously the integrity of the information and systems that we maintain. Hence, appropriate safeguards have been employed to ensure that any personal information is secure from destruction, corruption, unauthorized access and breach of confidentiality.
Several steps have been taken to safeguard the integrity of our computer systems and networks. These steps include, but are not limited to individual authentication, the security of transmitted data, security monitoring, auditing and encryption of your information.

Is User Information Shared?

Except as provided by applicable laws, we do not collect, use or disclose user information without the user's knowledge and approval. We do not share user information with third parties unless we have informed users about the disclosures or have prior consent.

Can I Access and Correct My Personal Information?

Users concerned about information contained in their personal records should contact the custodian of the record, which typically is the governmental entity that collects and maintains the information. You may request changes or annotate your personal information if you believe it to be inaccurate by submitting a written request describing the error.
The Federal Board Of Revenue does not collect any personally identifiable information other than what you provide. The automatic data recorded is not matched with any of that personally identifiable information, therefore information cannot be provided about your visit.

Links to other Sites

This Website may include links to websites operated by other government agencies, non-profit organizations and private businesses. When you link to another site, this Privacy Policy will not apply, however, you may be subject to the Privacy Policy of that new website, if one exists. The Federal Board Of Revenue is not in any way responsible for the privacy practices or content of external websites.

Policy Revision and Notification of Changes

The Federal Board Of Revenue may at any time revise or update this policy without notice. We may inform our users about policy changes through notices on this page containing a version number and date. Any information collected under the current policy will remain subject to these terms. Information collected after any changes take effect will be subject to the revised privacy policy.

Applicability of the Privacy Statement

This policy is applicable only to official website of FBR,, However other online systems of FBR like e-fling systems, WeBOC etc may have their own Terms of Use.


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