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Director General (Intelligence and Investigation - Inland Revenue)


Amir Ali Khan Talpur (BS-21)

Director General Intelligence and Investigation (IR)






In order to take the spirit of tax reform forward and with a view to assist the field formations to increase the taxable, the existing Director General of Broadening of tax Base FBR is renamed as Director General, Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation, Inland Revenue on 25th March, 2011. The organization shall have the following:-


Core Functions

  1.  Broadening of Tax Base. Broadening of Tax Base aiming at netting potential tax payers.

  2. Access to Major Data Bases. Linkages with all Major National, Provincial, Regional Data Base.

  3. Cross matching of Data with master index and tax profiles. Cross matching for the purposes of countering non-reporting and under reporting.

  4. Complaint handling. Complaints (relating to the above areas) referred by the Chairman FBR (under FBR Act).

  5. Financial Investigation. Preliminary investigation as entrusted by FBR, so as to determine the possible loss of revenue or the real revenue potential in cases as may be identified by the organization.

  6. Economic & Fiscal Intelligence. Discreet information gathering on all Tax related issues, Non reporting, under reporting, tax evasion, connivance between tax evaders and tax collectors, fiscal fraud, and Revenue leakages.


The Organization structure shall be as follows:-

  1. Directorate General I & I, would comprise a Director General, Director HQs and three Directors based at Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad.

  2. Director Karachi shall cover the provinces of Sindh and Balouchistan.

  3. Director Lahore shall cover Civil Divisions of Lahore, Gujranwala and Sahiwal, Punjab Province.

  4. Director HQs shall look after ICT, Civil Division of Rawalpindi and KP in addition to his assignment at HQs.

  5. Director Faisalabad shall look after I & I, operations in the civil Division of Faisalabad, sargodha, Multan, Bahawalpur and D.G Khan, Punjab Province.

  6. Existing Vigilance units, working at Dte. Gen. I&I, FBR (Customs Intelligence), currently manned by the officers/officials or IR shall form the operational nucleus of this Organization.


Reporting Mechanism.

  1. I&I Field Units shall report to the respective Regional Directors.

  2. Directors would be responsible to DG, I&I., IR-FBR.

  3. DG, I & , IR would report to the Chairman FBR.


I &I’s Operations.

  1. I&I-IR has been designated as Income Tax, Sales Tax and Federal Excise authority through finance acts 2011-12.

  2. All Wings of FBR would extend full assistance to Dte. Gen. I&I, IR in its operations/initiatives.

  3. Dedicated Regional BTB Units (working under the control of respective Chief Commissioners-IR) shall be provided solid, segregated and relevant information by I&I, IR.

  4. Progress in respect of utilization of aforesaid information shall be monitored by I&I, IR, through a well defined mechanism of key Performance Indicators. This would be submitted to Member, IR and Chairman, FBR on a monthly basis (or earlier) for performance review at their level.

  5. Central Data Bank/Base of IR Wing shall be maintained by Hqrs I&I, IR.


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