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Chart of functions

Chart of Functions

  • To identify the Withholding Agents;

  • To facilitate issuance of NTN/FTN to unregistered Withholding Agents in respective Regional Tax Office through Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited;

  • To assist FBR in developing an accounting policy for appropriation of the deduction to the Regional Tax Offices / Large Taxpayers Unit having jurisdiction over particular taxpayer(s);

  • To review and recommend suitable (automated) processes and filing structure of withholding statements that is compatible with income tax environment;

  • To suggest to Federal Board of Revenue modification / amendments. Required in the Withholding Tax Regime under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, to make them responsive and in accordance with the universally acknowledged principles of direct taxation and best practices.

  • To monitor the certificates of exemption from withholding taxes, issued by concerned tax authorities, for their proper utilization by all concerned.

  • To adopt ways and means to educate and facilitate the prescribed persons (Withholding agents)and other stakeholders in meeting their withholding tax related obligations;

  • To collate information on withholding taxes withheld / collected and deposited for various purposes, by identifying non-NTN holders for broadening of tax base;

  • To perform any other work incidental or necessary to achieve the objectives of the organization and discharge of above functions;

  • To perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Federal Board of Revenue;

  • To check, supervise, ascertain, monitor, reconcile and properly enforce, in whole of Pakistan, the Withholding regime and other relevant provisions of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and Sales Tax of 1990.

  • To adopt ways and means to monitor deduction, collection and payment of tax collected / withheld to ensure their correctness as per law and timely deposit in the Government treasury / State Bank of Pakistan / National Bank of Pakistan;

  • To control possible leakages of Withholding Taxes;
    14. To investigate cases of non-deduction / short-deduction of Withholding Taxes;

  • To enforce the prescribed statements in respect of taxes withheld and take appropriate action under the law in the cases of defaulters;

  • To maintain proper record of Withholding Taxes and prescribed persons;

  • To verify and cross match the monthly statements of Withholding Taxes with tax deposits / collection, returns / statements / book of accounts / declarations and other information on taxpayers.

  • To get the orders passed under relevant provisions of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, imposition of additional tax and penalty and to ensure the recovery of tax not deducted / collected by the withholding agents.

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