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FASTER Processing Information

FASTER is fully operational and can process any number of Sales Tax & FE refund claims, as and when filed, within the stipulated time period.

Claimants are however, again urged to file Annex-H in sequence ie first file July-19 and then subsequent months in sequence. Claims not filed in sequence get rejected due to non-availability of brought forward values and this results in delays.

To minimize rejections and delays, as claims are still not being filed in sequence by some claimants, as an administrative solution, processing of July-19 and August-19 were accorded priority and all claims relating to July-19 and August-19, filed till 20-01-2020 have been processed. There-after claims for Sept-19 that were filed till 20-01-2020 have also been processed.

Claims for Oct-19, filed till 15-01-2020, have been processed on 24-01-2020 as some claims after 15-01-2020 had gaps in sequential filing.

Claims for Nov-19 will be processed during this week along-with claims for July-19, Aug-19, Sept-19 and Oct-19 filed recently / after 20-01-2020; provided freshly filed claims do not have a gap in sequential filing. There-after, any claim relating July-19 to Oct-19 shall be processed immediately. Once the sequential gaps are eliminated, claims for any tax period shall be processed immediately.

DEFERRED claims relating to July-19 to Oct-19, where the invoices or shipping bills were now valid have also been processed on 26-01-2020.

REJECTED claims with objection of ANOMALLY IN ANNEX H have been rolled back for necessary correction and shall be processed as and when filed, provided the filing is in sequence.

BCA DATA is being sorted and claims of erstwhile Zero-Rated regime Commercial Exporters shall be processed through FASTER asap.

OBJECTION of Value addition below the normal industrial practice has been examined. Claims rejected due to this objection are now being examined and outcome shall be communicated to claimants in the coming couple of days.


  1. File claims in sequence.
  2. If any claim for tax period July-19, August-19 and September-19 filed in sequence before 20­01-2020 or Oct-19 filed till 15-01-2020 is still pending, the claimant may inform Chief (IR­Operations-II) at email: . Please indicate the words "PENDING FRESH CLAIM" in the subject and the NTN, Name of claimant, tax period and date of filing as text in the text box.
  3. If any deferred claim where the invoices or shipping bills are valid and the deferred claim did not have any other discrepancy, is still pending, please indicate the words "PENDING DEFERRED CLAIM" in the subject and the NTN, Name of claimant, tax period, date of filing, date of processing and major objection leading to deferment, in the text box.
  4. If any claim for any tax period that was rejected before 20-01-2020 with the objection of ANOMALLY in Annex-H has not been rolled back, please inform at above email with wording "NOT ROLLED BACK" in the subject tab and then the NTN, Name of claimant, tax period and date of filing as text in the text box.
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