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RTO Rawalpindi Seizes Non-Duty Paid Cigarettes

Upon receipt of credible information, the Inland Revenue Enforcement Network (IREN) Squad of Regional Tax Office (RTO) Rawalpindi, visited a godown in Jhelum and seized sixty cartons of non-duty paid cigarettes on account of non-production of documents. The seized cigarettes were of local brands and the cartons contained 0.6 Million sticks. The raid involves revenue of Rs.1.26 Million in FED and Sales Tax. Further investigation in the matter is underway.

Chairman FBR Mr. Asim Ahmad commended the timely action by RTO Rawalpindi, and emphasized the need for maintaining strict vigilance against tax evasion in Tobacco Sector. The Chairman underlined that FBR is committed to control tax evasion and has undertaken various administrative measures in this regard. ‘Tax evasion is an illegal activity and the tax evaders will be subjected to criminal charges and substantial penalties to ensure that due taxes are rightfully deposited in the national exchequer for growth of national economy’, stated the Chairman.


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