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Chief Commissioner RTO, Hyderabad Meeting with Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries.


A meeting of Chief Commissioner Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad was held with Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries on 24th September, 2014 at HCCI, Hyderabad. Following participants attended the said meeting:

1. Mr. Khawar Saeed Akhtar Chief Commissioner RTO, Hyderabad
2. Mr. Faroq-e-Azam Memon Commissioner Withholding Tax, RTO, Hyderabad
3. Mr. Muhammad Shamim Murtaza Deputy Commissioner BTB, RTO, Hyderabad
4. Mr. Turab Ali Khoja Senior Vice President HCCI, Hyderabad
5. Mr. Muhamad Madni Ex-Senior Vice President. HCCI, Hyderabad
6. All the members of HCCI, Hyderabad
Agenda of the meeting is as under:
1. Criteria for computerized audit selection and manual audit selection
2. Problems facing in registration of Sales Tax and change of particular problems in NTN
3. Problems regarding refund cases
4. Withholding Tax
Mr. Turab Ali Khoja started meeting with opening speech. He also highlighted problems faced by taxpayers which include problems pertaining to computerized and manual audit selection, difficulties facing in getting STRN, pending refund cases and withholding tax.
Mr. Muhammad Madni Ex-vice president HCCI indicated some anomalies in income tax returns. He also pointed out problems in change of particulars in NTN profile.
Mr. Qayyum Nusrat emphasized the need of tax advisory committee and also discussed on going registration of retailers.

In response, Mr. Khawar Saeed Akhtar, worthy Chief Commissioner Regional Tax Office Hyderabad discussed all the problems in detail. He informed the business community that audit

is a part of universal self-assessment scheme and it should not be construed as a lack of trust in businessmen. All the cases for audit are selected through computerized random balloting which is prevalent all over the world he added. However, he assured that proceedings of audit would be made facilitative for the tax payers.

Farooq-e-Azam Memon, Commissioner Withholding apprised the business community about new changes in withholding tax regime through Finance Act, 2014.
Mr. Muhammad Shamim Murtaza, Deputy Commissioner BTB/IP also briefed them about taxpayers’ facilitation KIOSKS for receiving Income Tax returns and newly introduced e-filing application IRIS.



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