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FBR extends date for filing of IT returns up to Jan 25, 2010
Dec 30, 2009
Request for media coverage
Dec 10, 2009
FBR denies reported corruption in Customs department
Dec 03, 2009
Excise duty no cause of less cultivation of beet crop
Oct 23, 2009
Pakistan, Morocco ink treaty to avoid double taxation
Oct 08, 2009
FBR nets Rs 259 billion revenues in first quarter
Oct 05, 2009
Asrar Raouf appointed FBR’s official spokesman
Oct 05, 2009
Extension in Date for Filing of Income Tax Returns
Sep 30, 2009
FBR sets up tax facilitation centres across country
Sep 19, 2009
FBR extends time for e-filing of annual statement
Sep 10, 2009
Tarin urges self-reliance to achieve economic stability.
Sep 03, 2009
FBR launches project for automation of inventory, financial modules
Sep 01, 2009
FBR preparing organizational framework for proposed IRS
Aug 31, 2009
Packing list, invoices made necessary for customs clearance of imported cargo
Aug 31, 2009
FBR forms body to address human resource issues
Aug 27, 2009
FBR launches portal for e-filing of IT returns
Aug 25, 2009
Govt issues SRO for 8pc GST on local supplies of sugar
Aug 23, 2009
Sugar producers agree on Rs 45 per kg price for 3 months
Aug 22, 2009
FBR collects Rs 74 billion in July 2009
Aug 20, 2009
Aug 11, 2009
FBR sets up kiosks to streamline e-filing of tax returns
Aug 11, 2009
FBR collects Rs 74 billion in July 2009
Aug 03, 2009
Banks, FBR offices to remain open on 29th, 30th for tax collection
Jul 27, 2009
FBR forms body to draw up plan for levy of VAT at retail stage
Jul 06, 2009
FBR collects Rs 1150 billion; final figures to be released by weekend
Jul 02, 2009
FBR, ICAP ink MoU for preparation of tax audit framework
Jun 19, 2009
FBR’s tax collection exceeds Rs 989 billion up to May 2009
Jun 04, 2009
FBR extends warehousing period for imported goods
May 26, 2009
FBR officer appointed member of UN body
May 22, 2009
FBR’s tax collection exceeds Rs 898.6 billion up to April 2009
May 07, 2009
FBR mulls ways to achieve budgetary targets
May 04, 2009
FBR denies misplacement of duty drawback cheques
Apr 17, 2009
FBR sees no merit in steel industry’s protest on WHT payment
Apr 14, 2009
FBR levies 15pc duty on export of molasses
Apr 13, 2009
FBR trying to provide fiscal space to govt, says Ahmad Waqar
Apr 09, 2009
FBR’s tax collection exceeds Rs 810 billion up to March 2009
Apr 01, 2009
FBR launches drive to ensure filing of IT returns in non-salary cases
Mar 29, 2009
LTUs, RTOs to remain open on Sunday to tend to tax matters
Mar 29, 2009
Customs seize counterfeit cigarettes
Mar 28, 2009
100% concession on customs duty to Sri Lankan goods
Mar 20, 2009
FBR's tax collection exceeds Rs 706.4 billion up to February, 2009
Mar 03, 2009
FBR denies reports of PSO bail-out fund
Feb 20, 2009
Ahmad Waqar underscores change management for successful reforms
Feb 16, 2009
New administrative measures not to hit careers, FBR chief tells officers
Feb 16, 2009
Tax relief for goods imported for Hubco power project
Feb 12, 2009
FBR’s tax collection exceeds Rs 628 billion up to January, 2009
Feb 03, 2009
Waqar seeks improvement in revenue collection to meet targets
Jan 21, 2009
Jan 15, 2009
FBR collects Rs 543.3b for July-December 2008 period tax collections for December 2008 touch Rs 114.2b
Jan 02, 2009
FBR issues notices to corporate bodies on failure to file returns
Jan 02, 2009
FBR nets Rs 1.54b from tax investment scheme
Jan 01, 2009
No plans to slash tax exemptions on food medicines says FBR
Jan 01, 2009
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