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Counsel General of Malaysia visited Regional Tax Office Karachi

COUNSEL GENERAL of Malaysia visited Regional Tax Office Karachi

Counsel General of Malaysia His Excellency Mr. Ismail Mohammad Bkri alongwith his delegation visited Regional Tax Office, Karachi on 12-05-2016. Delegation included Mr. Mazlan Harun, Consul (Trade), Mr.Fairus Hidzir, Consul (Science), Mr.Shahid Abu Bakar, Consul (Agriculture) and Mr.Mohammad Taib Ibrahim, Director Malaysia Tourisur Promotion Board posted in Dubai.
The delegation was warmly received by Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, Regional Tax Office, Karachi Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ali Indhar and formally welcomed the members of the contingent. He expressed his immense pleasure in hosting the delegation. The welcome speech was followed by a brief presentation given by Chief
Commissioner-IR, Regional Tax Office, Karachi on organizational structure of FBR in general and Inland Revenue, Karachi in particular. The Chief Commissioner-IR during the course of presentation, highlighted the jugular importance of Karachi City as a economic hub of Pakistan and hence the major revenue spinner of the country.
His Excellency Counsel General thanked the Chief Commissioner on his warm reception, which was followed by the introduction of the members of the delegation. The delegation expressed profound interest in the taxation system of Pakistan. At the end of presentation, the Questions/Answers session was held in which a wide variety of questions were asked by the members of the delegation which were answered to the satisfaction of the guests.
Dr. Tariq Masood, Senior Commissioner Inland Revenue assisted the Chief Commissioner-IR in answering the questions. Dr. Tariq Masood elaborately explained the facts that Pakistan was increasingly becoming business friendly country striving for creating positive investors sentiment, as was evidenced by the declining rate of corporate tax in region. During this session an array of questions ranging from automation of tax system, avoidance of double-taxation treaties, advance tax, agricultural Income Tax to preferential treatment to exporters were answered and explained to the delegation. The delegation was full praiseful of the automation and modernization of systems of Federal Board of Revenue.
In the end of the visit Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ali Indhar, Chief Commissioner-IR, Regional Tax Office, Karachi presented memento and bouquet to the Counsel General of Malaysia on their visit to Regional Tax Office, Karachi.
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