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CSA Alumni"s Senior Office bearers visit FBR

Senior office bearers of Civil Service Academy Alumni visited Federal Board of Revenue (HQ). Chairman FBR Muhmmad Javed Ghani welcomed the senior office bearers of CSA Alumni.


Patron CSA Alumni Javed Nisar enlightened the senior officers of FBR about the objectives of organization. He said that it is totally apolitical which has the sole aim to provide the officers a single platform to strengthen their social connections. He also stated that the Alumni has become very effective at Provincial level. There is a need to strengthen it at Federal level as well, he added.

The Patron of Alumni further informed that it is also working for the welfare activities on self-help basis. The officers appreciated the efforts of Alumni member Waseem Bajwa who worked tirelessly for the welfare of the officers. Chairman FBR assured the Alumni office bearers of FBR’s full support. Chairman FBR also accepted their request to become FBR patron for the Alumni. In the end, Chairman FBR presented shields to the senior office bearers of the Alumni Javed Nisar and Rao Tehsin Ali Khan. Spokesperson FBR and Member Taxpayers’ Audit Nadeem Hussain Rizvi presented bouquets to the Alumni office bearers.

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