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Digital Directory for Withholding Agents being launched for Tax Collectors.

A Digital Directory for Withholding Agents is being launched for Tax Collectors across the country. The Digital Directory was demonstrated today to Chairman FBR along with Member IR Operation and team. The Chairman FBR appreciated the real time availability of Withholding data and stated that this Digital Directory will enable the Tax Collectors to take real time decisions which will subsequently improve the tax collection. A brief introduction and salient features of this digital directory are given below:



Digital Directory for Withholding Agents is a management information system (MIS) built to monitor real-time tax collection received under various sections of withholding tax. The system has capability to analyze current withholding data with historical withholding collections. It enables FBR to broaden the withholding tax regime by enforcing the withholding agents to compliance with the tax laws. FBR can benefit from this system by increasing revenue collections from withholding tax regime, and reducing the tax evasion pertaining to non-compliant withholding agents.

Salient Features

  • Withholding Tax Collection Report (RTOs/LTUs)

  • Withholding Tax Collection Report (Range/Units)

  • Sectorial Withholding Tax Collection Report

  • Section wise Withholding Tax Collection Report

  • Withholding Agent’s Monthly Tax Collection Report

  • Withholdee’s Monthly Tax Collection

  • Graphical Dashboards

  • Comparison of Withholding Tax Collection with Preceding Year’s Withholding Tax Collection

  • Sending Reminders to field officers for enforcement

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