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Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs) Activities

Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs) Activities
The Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs), Karachi has been a hub of activities related with training but it has specially been a bustling place, during the last 6 months. From the inauguration ceremony of establishment of new library named after Syed Ali Rizvi who was the first Director training and the Passing out celebration of 43rd Common Training Program on successful completion of their Specialized Training on 14th January, 2017to the Customs Day jubilation on 26th January, 2017, DGTR has witnessed many momentous events.The buzz of activities at DGTR and its Regional Directorates continue with the commencement of Specialized Training on 3rdApril 2017 of the biggest batch in history recruited through Federal Public Service Commission, which comprisesof Appraising Officers, Valuation Officers, Preventive Officers, Intelligence Officers, Inspectors and Sepoys. Recently, the 44th CTP Probationary Officers of Pakistan Customs Service numbering 17 have joined the DGTR for Specialized Training that began on 17thApril 2017.
Thecreation of State of Art Syed Ali Rizvi Library by a team of dedicated officers comprising Ex-DG Mr. Ghulam Ahmed, Director Ms. Zeba Azhar and Deputy Director Mr. Sheeraz Ahmed is a landmark in the history of Pakistan Customs. Though a Library existed in the DGTR but it was not built/designed on modern lines. The present Library has three halls; one dedicated to the legendry poetess late Ms. Parvin Shakir who belonged to Customs, the second hall with its gilded pillars containing pictures of officers who have served in the DGTR is the most.
frequented area as it has a comfortable sitting area along with study tables and rare collection of books. Adjacent to this room is the hall named “book bank” as it houses a collection of books on varying subjects. The spacious corridors in the backyard of the library where the World Customs Organization corner is located is place where serious readers sit quietly and study books and relish their memories with albums containing pictures of galaxy of officers who either remained posted or were taking courses or were attending ceremonies/functions at the DGTR. The Library isequipped with a collection of 50,000 books on different subjects. The tasteful décor of the Library adds to the beauty ofstructure artfully built by the Britishers. Successful completion of Specialized Training Program of 43rd CTP that commenced in April 2016 was another achievement, which was accomplished by sheer dint of hard efforts of Ex-DG Ghulam Ahmed, Director Ms. Zeba Azhar, Additional Director Rana Taslim, Deputy Director Mr. Modasser Tirmizi and Deputy Director Sheeraz Ahmed. The erstwhile chairman FBR Mr. Nisar Muhammad Khan inaugurated the Library and was a chief guest of the ceremony that also witnessed the Passing out of Probationary Assistant Collectors of 43rd CTP.
April 2017 has been a happening month as on 3rd April 2017specialized training of 91Out of 138 Appraising/Valuation officers, 147 out of 167 Preventive/Intelligence officers & Inspectors and 189 out of 244 Sepoys has begun at DGTR Karachi. In the Regional Directorates at Lahore and Islamabad about 24 and 54 Appraising/ Valuation officers are also undergoing specialized training that commenced on 3rdand 11thApril 2017. The training in Lahore is being done in collaboration with the Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS), the Punjab University since Directorate at Lahore does not have the space for training.
These officers have been appointed after a transparent and merit based process undertaken by FPSC.
Ms. Rubina Wasti, Director General, along with her team comprising dedicated officers like Director, Mr. Zeba Azhar Additional Director, Mr. Shafiq Latki and Deputy Director, Mr. Amjad Aman inaugurated the Specialized Training for newly recruited Sepoys and Appraising/Valuation/Intelligence/Preventive officers and Inspectors of Southern Region at DGTR-Customs, Karachi on 3rd April 2017.The Director General of Transit Trade, Mr. Javed Ghani was the Chief Guest on the inauguration of training for Appraising /Valuation Officers and the Chief Collector of Customs (Enforcement) South, Mr. Manzoor Hussain Memon was the Chief Guest on the inauguration of training for Preventive Officers, Inspectors and Intelligence Officers.
The Director Training, Ms. Zeba Azhar, conducted the ceremony. Ms. Rubina Wasti, Director General told the participants that such training of the officers have always proved instrumental in bringing about a positive change in the department. She informed the trainees that they were important officers of the department and responsible for the image of Customs. Training at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad is being imparted on subjects relevant to their area of activity.The faculty at DGTR Karachi in consultation with field Collectorates/Directorates and FBR have designed the training modules. The same training modules are replicated at Lahore and Islamabad. Training of 189 Sepoys is taking place on 2nd floor of DGTR Karachi from Monday to Friday and the timings are 9:00 am to 1pm. Morning session starts with parade of Sepoys (in front of the majestic façade of old Custom House renamed as Directorate General of Training) and National Anthem, followed by flag hoisting. Classes commence at 9:30am. The duration of training for Sepoys is one month theoretical at DGTR, one month on job with the Collectorates/Directorates and two months physical training at a reputed Police academy or Army scouts college. The Sepoys numbering 101 at Lahore and 50 at Islamabad have completed their training and have been posted in Collectorates/Directorates. Training of Sepoys in Karachi started late considering their large number almost 244. Another 141 Sepoys belonging to Gwadar and Quetta are currently undergoing physical training in Quetta.
Classes of Appraising/Valuation officers (91) are being conducted in the Auditorium on ground floor of DGTR. Classes commence at 9:30am and end at 1:30pm. The Preventive/Intelligence officers and Inspectors (147) are imparted training in the 2nd half with classes commencing at 2:00pm and ending at 5:30pm.The training duration of Appraising/Valuation officers is two months theoretical and one month on job. The training duration of Preventive/Intelligence officers and Inspectors is two months theoretical at DGTR, one month on job in different Collectorates/Directorates and two months physical training at a reputed Police Academy or Army Scouts college.
Different course modules have been designed for Sepoys and Appraising/Valuation/Intelligence/Preventive officers and Inspectors depending upon their job description.
Ms. Zeba Azhar, Director, Mr. Shafique Ahmed Latki, Additional Director and Mr. Amjad Aman Laghari, Deputy Director will supervise the sessions. The DGTR has engaged a galaxy of faculty comprising both retired and serving officers. First bi-monthly test of Appraising/Valuation/Preventive/Intelligence officers & Inspectors was arranged on 21st April 2017 by the DGTR, Karachi.
The DGTR despite resource constraints has taken a very bold initiative of imparting crucial training to the newly recruited Customs Support staff, which is unprecedented in the DGTR history. This is for the first time in the history of DGTR that at single point in time trainings are being imparted to more than 500 trainees in all ranks and cadres.
Mr. Rozi Khan Burki, Member HRM, Federal Board of Revenue was the Chief Guest for the inauguration ceremony of training session for the newly recruited Appraising /Valuation officers of North region at DGTR-Customs, Islamabad on 3rd April 2017.The Chief Collector (North)Ms. Tahira Sarwat Habib, was the Chief Guest. Ms. Neelofer Shahzad, Additional Director, DGTR Islamabad, Dr. Arslan Subuctageen, Collector, Mr. Qurban Ali Khan Collector Peshawar and Mr. Ali Raza, Collector Gilgit-Baltistan were also present on the occasion. Guests expressed their satisfaction over the effort of DGTR-Customs with respect to the training activities of existing and newly recruited officers/officials in Pakistan Customs department.
Ms. Rubina Wasti, Director General, Directorate General Training and Research inaugurated training session for the newly recruited Appraising/Valuation officers of Customs Central Region in Lahore on 11th April 2017.
The 44th Common Assistant Collector (Probationers) have joined their STP from 17th April, 2017 at the DGTR. The eight (08) months intensive training program comprises of academics, on job training & research work. The course aims to equip the Assistant Collector (probationers) of Pakistan Customs Service with necessary knowledge of law and procedures of Customs, Sales Tax, Federal Excise, and other Allied Acts. This Course has been designed in consultation with Civil Services Academy and Federal Public Service Commission. This course will help to develop essential skills to assist the probationary officers of Pakistan Customs Service in efficient performance of their duties as responsible Customs Officers. This course will sharpen the managerial and leadership skills expected from the Customs officers.
Core Subjects: Customs Act 1969, Customs Rules and Associated Laws, Customs Tariff & Trade, Sales Tax Act 1990; Federal Excise Act, 2005 & Income Tax Ordinance 2001, Enforcement Laws, Allied Laws, Information Technology and Pakistan’s Economy along with Managerial& Leadership Skills, On-the-Job Training, Study Tours & Case Studies.
Main activities: Classroom lectures, on the job training with field formations, Presentations, Research papers, field trips.
Publishing of Quarterly DOUANES Magazine 23rd March 2017
On joining as Director General of DGTR -Customs, Karachi on 7th March, 2017, Ms. Rubina Wasti with her dedicated efforts and team comprising Ms. Zeba Azhar, Additional Director, Mr. Rana Tasleem Akhtar, Deputy Director, Mr. Sheeraz Ahmed, was able to publish the Customs quarterly magazine “DOUANES” which was published on 23rd March, 2017 after a gap of more than six months.
Setting up of WCO e-learning Center at DGTR – Customs, Islamabad
The Directorate General of Training and Research (Customs) is successfully runningthe WCO e-learning Training Programmes since 2006 at its headquarters situated in Karachi and Lahore. In order to benefit the trainees of northern region, the Director General took an initiative to setup WCO e-learning Center at DGTR – Customs, Islamabad as well, which has started working since 13 April 2017.
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