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Eulogy in remembrance of martyred employees of FBR due to Covid-19 arranged

Federal Board of Revenue arranged a eulogy in remembrance of martyred officers and staff due to Covid-19. On this occasion, Secretary Finance Naveed Kamran Baloch, Chairperson FBR Nausheen Javaid Amjad and other senior officers and officials of FBR participated in the eulogy.

Prayers were offered for the departed Muhammad Zahid Khokhar, a Pakistan Customs grade-22 officer and other officers and officials of FBR. A special tribute was also paid by the participants on the services of the martyred officers and staff for the organization and country, who continued to work for the collection of revenue despite outbreak of corona virus throughout the country. So far, 30 employees of FBR have embraced martyrdom due to Covid-19. These officers and officials worked at FBR HQ and its Field Offices.


eulogy for fbr employees

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