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FBR Chairman Dr. Muhammad Irshad administers oath to newly elected CEO of FBR foundation, Mr. Saleem Ahmed Ranjha today.


Dr. Muhammad Irshad took charge of the office of Chairman FBR on 19th Jan, 2017. After assuming office, the first Board-in-Council meeting held had FBR Foundation as single point agenda. During the meeting, he shared that he held the welfare of the serving as well as retired officers and the officials of FBR very dear to his heart, therefore it was his keen desire that this Foundation which lay dormant in the files since last so many years be revived. He stated that Every journey begins with a first step, taken in the right direction. While presiding over the first meeting of Board-in-Council, he expressed his resolve to make every possible effort aimed at welfare of employees, whether serving or retired. FBR Foundation was an ideal platform, through which all types of welfare services could be offered in a more structured fashion. However it existed on papers since 2011, the year in which FBR Foundation (FBRF) Act was passed, but any concrete steps towards the intended objectives were yet to be taken.

To realize the dream of welfare of retired and serving employees, this platform needed activation and full scale operationalization. Chairman FBR, in his capacity as the Chairman FBR Foundation, provided impetus, momentum and inspirational energy. He assigned the responsibility to Member Admn and Chief Reforms to develop an operational plan and directed to leave no stone unturned so that a long awaited dream finally comes to reality, during his tenure.

Several rounds of meetings and brainstorming sessions eventually translated into a workable ‘Operational Plan’. The Board of FBRF is pre-defined in the Act and first meeting of FBRF was held, under the Chairmanship of Chairman FBRF / Chairman FBR, on April 12th ,2017, almost six years after the enactment. The Operational Plan, developed by Member Admn and Chief Reforms was shared with the board members and after detailed deliberations, the same was unanimously adopted. Brisk steps were taken, under the directives of Chairman FBR Foundation and finally during the second meeting of the Board of FBRF, Mr. Saleem Ahmed Ranjha, a BS-21 officer of Pakistan Customs Service was unanimously designated as the CEO of FBR Foundation on April, 19-2017.

Chairman FBR Foundation, administered oath to newly elected CEO of FBR foundation, Mr. Saleem Ahmed Ranjha, on April 21, 2017, in a graceful ceremony in which Special Assistant to PM on Revenue Senator Haroon Akhtar Khan was invited as guest of honor.

The long-list of aims and objectives of FBR Foundation may be categorized under following sub-heads:

a. Properties: Accommodation, housing-society, house building advance ;

b. Education: Academic / Research and Development / Coaching / Training;

c. Financial Support: Loans, grants, scholarship, stipend, awards;

d. Recreation Facilities: Sports, rest-houses, hostels;

e. Other: Hospital, Medical Facilities and Transport;

f. Sustainability: To generate funds through commercial projects, fundraising, trust instruments.

Chairman has a vision to transform FBR into a choice organization in the public sector, by providing best environment for discharge of duties. He wishes to transform into an organization which cares for its employees, even when they retire. He believes in the fact that a happy employee is a productive employee and employee satisfaction and employee welfare, within the ambit of law, are positively correlated.

In his speech, during oath taking ceremony, on April 21, 2017 expressed his desire to mobilize funds for an endowment funds, for providing educational scholarships, health care services to all members of FBR Foundation.

The membership drive for FBR Foundation is being started from April 24, 2017, for which process will be uploaded on FBR’s website. Multiple projects, for the welfare of FBR employee are envisaged and will be launched, very soon, after the membership drive.

Chairman FBR further directed to make plans so that every employee, owns a house at the time of retirement. He desired to establish contacts with other foundations in the public sector e.g. National Police Foundation, Fauji Foundation etc. for obtaining plots on loan basis, for FBR employees, and return the same once FBR Foundations launches its own housing society. He indicated to use all unused land owned by FBR, across Pakistan, and transfer the same to FBR Foundation, so that it is put to use of welfare of FBR employees. He indicated to provide educational support, to the children of employees especially those in the junior grades.

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