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Inauguration of Software for Foreign Training


A software to process cases for nomination of officers for foreign courses was inaugurated by Chairman FBR on June 23,2017. Mr.Rozi Khan Burki, Memebr HRM, Ms. Tasneem Rehman, Member BTB, Mr..Rehmat Ullah Khan Wazir, Member IR­Operations and Mr.Muhammad Zahid , Member Customs were also present.

While inaugurating the soft ware, the Chairman FBR stated that a transparent and merit based system for nomination of officers for foreign trainings was the need of the hour. Under the web based system, not only all courses would be uploaded for the information of field formations but names of the officers nominated would also be available on web. The procedure for processing the cases had also been circulated vide HRM Circular 1/2017 dated 22.06.2017 which also had the approval of Board in Council. He further tasked the Member HRM to plan Chinese language courses for the officers of which would be of immense value in the near future. The Chairman FBR also appreciated the software development team in HRM for materializing the concept and advised to obtain feedback from the field to further improve the system.

Mr.Rozi Khan Burki, Member HRM thanked the Chairman FBR for his support and keen interest in developing the system to ensure transparency and merit in selection of officers for foreign trainings. He emphasized that the successful implementation of the system largely depended upon implementation of HRM circular 1/2017 and hoped that the field formation would provide its feedback to further improve the system. He also expected positive use of the complaint cell which was under his direct supervision. He explained that the foreign courses available with HRM , IR­operations and Customs wings would be available under the tab "Training and Development" in HRM portion of the FBR web page. The officers would continue to apply online for the course of their choice to the respective wing of FBR.

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