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Meeting of Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, Regional Tax Office, Faisalabad with Tax Bar Association

A meeting was held by the Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, Regional Tax Office, Faisalabad in the Bar Room of the RTO, Faisalabad with the Tax Bar Association on 21.01.2014. Following participated:


Tax Bar Association

Mr. Shaukat Mahmood, CCIR

Mr. Iftikhar Arshad, President

Rana Muhammad Luqman, CIR, Zone-I

Mr. Shahzad Akhtar, General Secretary

Dr. Tariq Mahmood Khan, CIR, Zone-II & III

Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sabari, Fin. Secretary

Mr. Wajid Akram, CIR WHZ

Mr. Saqif Shahzad, Liberaty Secretary

Mr. Mehmood Aslam, CIR, BTB

Members of Tax Bar Association, Faisalabad

Mr. Muhamamd Javaid Badr, AC(HQs)

2. After exchange of pleasantries, the President and members of the Tax Bar Association welcomed Chief Commissioner on his posting in the Regional Tax Office, Faisalabad and expressed their satisfaction on the presence of senior management for resolving the issues faced by the Tax Bar Association.
3. The Chief Commissioner specifically asked the Tax Bar members to extend their cooperation for finalization of the pending Audit cases and provide necessary documentation. Audit Cases will be finalized on merit considering the revenue potential involved.
4. Tax Bar Association highlighted following issues: -
i) Posting of officer in Enforcement & Audit Wing at Toba Tek Singh.
ii) Participation of Tax Bar be ensured in all Workshops/Seminars held for Taxpayers.
iii) Disposal of Registrations of ITPs applications pending with department.
iv) Request for revision of Sales Tax Returns received on the system takes time for disposal.
v) Change in particulars for NTN takes time for disposal.
vi) Speedy disposal of Registration of Sales Tax.
vii) Speedy disposal of appeal effects/refund cases.
viii) Speedy restoration of Registered Persons who are blacklisted/ suspended.
5. The members of the Tax Bar were also asked to highlight the issues for their resolution in future as well. The Chief Commissioner ensured the Tax Bar Association for resolving their issues.
6. The meeting was ended with the vote of thanks from both sides.

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