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Meeting of Chief Commissioner, RTO,Faisalabad with all Faisalabad Banquet & Restaurants Association (AFBRA)


A meeting was held by the Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, Regional Tax Office (RTO), Faisalabad with All Faisalabad Banquet & Restaurants Association (AFBRA) on 25-03-2014 at The Dynasty Restaurant, Peoples Colony Faisalabad to discuss improving the collection under section 236D of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. Following participated:

Sr. No

RTO, Faisalabad



Mr. Shaukat Mahmood, CCIR

Mr.Kalb-e-Habib, Chairman, AFBRA


Mr. Muhammad Akram, CIR (WH-Zone)

Mr. Bao Qammar President, AFBRA


Mrs. Iram Sarwar ACIR (WH-Zone)

Mr. Faisal Shafi Sec. General, AFBRA


Mr. Sajjad Amjad DCIR Unit-05 (WH-Zone)

Members, AFBRA


2. The items on the agenda of meeting included improvement:-

a) E-filing of monthly statements (u/s 165).

b) Furnishing of advance information of booking of functions by the withholding agents.

c) Per-head rate of the menu for calculation of tax.

d) Deposit of tax withheld on weekly basis as required under law.

e) Ensuring all withholding agents on NTN role etc.

3. The meeting started with recitation from Holy Quran. The Secretary General, AFBRA gave a welcome address and highlighted that while AFBRA appreciated the measures taken by RTO, Faisalabad to ensure collection of withholding tax under Section 236-D in an efficient, transparent and participative manner, there are certain operational difficulties faced by withholding agents mainly due to lack of awareness among the general public about this new tax , lack of technical know-how on part of some withholding agents regarding NTN registration and filing of monthly statements and, the mode of collection and deposit of tax withheld.

4. The issues and problems raised by association were deliberated through a detailed briefing by DCIR, Unit-05, WH-Zone, covering an overview of the collection and deposit pattern of tax u/s 236-D since July 2013 and measures introduced for improvement in collection of tax taking all stakeholders/ withholding agents on board.

5. The Chief Commissioner, RTO Faisalabad, in his concluding remarks, observed that while there has been a significant improvement in collection of tax u/s 236-D, there was still a large potential for enhanced revenue.

The CCIR reiterated department’s resolve to help mitigate the problems of the withholding agents through facilitation in registration process and filing of monthly statements and better mechanism for transparency through periodic and formal interaction between the department and the withholding agents.

6. Following points were agreed upon:

i. An official from PRAL will be deputed to facilitate the withholding agents in the association office for training/facilitation in registration and e-filing of statements

ii. For awareness among the general public, a brochure on Section 236-D will be circulated. The withholding agents will also display/banners/ pana-flexes at their premises.

iii. Payment of all outstanding tax u/s 236-D will be ensured by 31st of March, 2014.

iv. For better coordination, list of contact numbers of CCIR, CIR, Add.CIR, DCIR and monitoring staff will be circulated among the withholding agents.

7. Thereafter, the Chief Commissioner and his team answered to the questions put forth by the members of AFBRA and assured an open-door policy in further interaction on specific issues and measures for improvement in collection of tax u/s 236-D. The meeting ended with the vote of thanks from each other.


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