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Meeting of Director General (BTB) with officers of Regional Tax Office Hyderabad


On his country wide tour for holding meeting regarding Broadening of Tax Base with officers of BTB, Mr. Rehmat Ullah Khan Wazir, Director General (BTB) FBR convened a meeting at Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad on Monday January 14, 2015 at conference room of RTO.

Following participants attended said meeting:

  1.  Mr. Khawar Saeed Akhtar, Chief Commissioner
  2.  Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed Memon, Commissioner IR (BTB)
  3.  Mr. Farooq Azam Memon, Commissioner IR (Withholding)
  4.  Mr. Manzor Jokhio, Additional Commissioner IR
  5.  Mr. Abdul Rehman Rind, Additional Commissioner (HQ)
  6.  Mr. Abdul Hafeez Nizamani, Additional Commissioner (Withholding)
  7.  Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Khan, Additional Commissioner (Withholding)
  8.  Mr. Pir Khalid Ahmed, Additional Commissioner IR
  9.  Mr. Muhammad Shamim Murtaza, Additional Commissioner (BTB)
  10.  Mr. Zaheer Uddin Baber, Manager PRAL

Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed Memon formally started meeting and uttered few words of thanks and welcome him for his coming to RTO Hyderabad on behalf of all the officers of RTO Hyderabad. He was also presented conventional “Ajrak” and “Sindhi Topi” by the Chief Commissioner.

Following agenda was discussed:
  •  To oversee the work of broadening of tax base done so far and to discuss strategy of BTB for remaining months of the fiscal year
  •  To check number of tax returns filed and identify non-filers as per computerized stock register as well as to enforce returns in case of non-filers NTN holders
  •  To determine actual taxpayers’ potential viz-a-viz present filers of income tax/sales tax returns
  •  To pursue recovery of demand in BTB cases
  •  To analyze information received regarding property owners, vehicle owners, and industrial/commercial connection holders
  •  Progress in the notices issued from FBR and notices issued by RTOs at their own initiatives
  •  Status of orders passed u/s 122C and amount of demand raised
  •  To devise mechanizing for service of unserved/returned notices u/s114 issued from FBR
For delineating progress in respect of BTB Mr. Muhammad Shamim Murtaza, Additional Commissioner (BTBH) gave an exhaustive penetration which highlighted the following:
  •  Regional Tax Office Hyderabad performance so far both in the case of FBR (HQ) issued notices and RTO’s own initiative
  •  Identification of Non-filers and mechanism for getting non-filers filed their returns of income
  •  An exhaustive analysis of third party information gathered by RTO Hyderabad and utilization thereof
  •  Procedure adopted for service of unserved/returned notices u/s 114
  • A brief of pilot project for getting business individuals in tax net
  •  Describing some bottlenecks in BTB
After presentation Mr. Rehmat Ullah Khan Wazir, Director General (BTB) talked about the strategy for getting more taxpayers into tax net, some measures should be taken for recovery of demand created so far, how to utilize third party information effectively and strategy for future BTB initiatives.
In the last, Mr. Khawar Saeed Akhtar Chief Commissioner RTO Hyderabad concluded the discussion by highlighting specific achievements of RTO Hyderabad in respect of BTB and more emphatically the problems being faced by RTO, Hyderabad in Broadening of Tax Base.
He also thanked Mr. Rehmat Ullah Wazir for sparing his precious time and coming to Regional Tax Officer, Hyderabad.



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