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Meeting with Trade Associations dated 17-02-2016

1. In Chair: Mr. Haroon Akhtar Khan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Revenue affairs
2. Notable Guests:
  •  Dr. Irshad Khan, Member ( IR-Operations, FBR)
  •  Rehmantullah Wazir, Member ( IR-Policy, FBR)
3. Participants: Chief Commissioners, Commissioners, Focal Persons of VCTS and Representatives of tax bar
4. Trade Associations in attendance:
  • · Sindh Tajir Ittehad
  • · All Pakistan Tajir Ittehad
5. Agenda: Voluntary Compliance Tax Scheme
  •  At the very outset, few verses from Holy Quran were recited
  •  The Moderator of the proceedings, Mr. Zulifqar Ali Syed, Additional Commisioner ( HQs), invited the CCIR, RTO, to present his welcome speech
  •  CCIR, RTO, Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Ali Indhar welcomed the distinguished guests in attendance and the traders for turning up to gain an insight into the features of the over-arching scheme
  •  The welcome speech was followed by a comprehensive presentation by Dr. Tariq Masood, who highlighted the salient features of the scheme threadbare in order to allay any apprehensions and address the concerns of traders
  •  Mr. Mohsin Nadeem, President of Pakistan Tax Bar Association, expressed his delight in the interest shown by the traders by turning up in droves to learn about the benefits of the said scheme
  •  He called this meeting as a watershed as this scheme has brought under one roof the traders, tax officials, tax bar and Political Fraternity ( Represented by Mr. Haroon Akhtar)
  •  Mr. Jameel Paracha of Sindh Tajir Ittehad also ensured of his every possible cooperation in making this scheme a huge success
  •  Mr. Naeem Mir of All Pakistan Anjuman e Tajiran also spoke in favour of the scheme and also bade his traders coomunity to avail themselves of the scheme as this scheme was better in all respects than the amnesty schemes mooted in earlier regimes.
  •  Member( IR-Policy) Mr. Rehamtullah Wazir also thanked the traders' associations for the vigor and interest shown by them in being the part of the amnesty scheme regime
  •  In the end, Mr. Haroon Akhtar thanked the traders, their representatives for their support and avowal in making this initiative a ' success story'
  •  Finally, the trade associations distributed the shields and Ajraks among the Chief Guest and distinguished guests.
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