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Member IT holds e-filing and IRIS related workshop with Trade Association of Gujranwala


As a part of FBR’s campaign to increase the number of return filers and Member (IT)’s resolve to make the Iris user friendly workshops with trade associations in Regional Tax Office, Gujranwala and Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry were held on Tuesday, September, 26th 2017. The workshops on both the venues were attended by a large number of traders including office bearers.

Mr. Zain-ul-Abidin Sahi, Chief (BDT-IT) gave a presentation on the salient features of e-filing of returns for the Tax Year 2017 and newly introduced features/ modules in Iris.

Member (IT) and Chief Commissioner, Regional Tax Office, Gujranwala apprised the participants to the technical and legal advantages of filing their returns in due time. Member (IT) explained that in order to save time and to avoid unnecessary burden on Iris in the last days of September, it would be beneficial for the traders to ensure that their returns are filed well before 30th September, the last day for filing of returns.

Member (IT) responded to various queries of the business community regarding the e-filing processes, clarified their confusions about tax law, Iris and usability of automation of procedures and processes.

The participants commended the efforts by FBR particularly import of previous years tax data for filing of returns and pledged to fulfill their national obligation within time. Member (IT) and CCIR RTO, Gujranwala assured the traders that they were always welcome to visit the FBR offices for redressal of any issues that they faced in filing their returns electronically and that their issues would be resolved in a quick and satisfactory manner

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