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Member Taxpayers Audit reviewed disposal of Audit Cases

Member, Taxpayers Audit (TPA), Federal Board of Revenue, Syed Ijaz Hussain visited Regional Tax Office, Faisalabad on 06.01.2015 to review progress on disposal of audit cases pertaining Tax Year 2013 and earlier. All Officers attended..
2. The Member(TPA) while noting that disposal of audit cases for Tax Year 2013 lagged behind the assigned target of 40% up to 31.12.2014, directed the Commissioners and Audit Officers to expedite finalization of cases, specially minor cases. He also directed that a comprehensive strategy be chalked out for achievement of target for disposal of cases up to 65% by 31.03.2015. The Member also urged the audit officers to prioritize the cases starting with disposal of minor cases and also focus on revenue potential cases so that substantial creation and collection of demand can be ensured. The Member urged the audit officers to prepare and follow a personal roadmap for disposal of cases and maintain a diary on case-wise daily progress in the cases assigned to them.
3. The Commissioners and Audit Officers assured the Member of putting extra efforts for expeditious disposal of cases as per given target and timelines. The Chief Commissioner pledged that a comprehensive strategy will be devised focusing on inclusion of more officers i.e. Additional Commissioner IR and Staff Officers of Zonal Commissioner in the Audit exercise in order to pace up liquidation of cases.
4. The Chief Commissioner thanked the Member for the visit as well as useful guidelines for audit officers.
Additional Commissioner (HQ)
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