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New Chairman FBR Addressed the FBR Officers After Taking Charge

The Newly appointed Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Mr. Shabbar Zaidi addressed the officers of FBR soon after taking charge as Chairman on Friday.

The Chairman FBR shared his vision to revamp the Tax system and Tax machinery and discussed broader problem areas affecting the institution. The Chairman FBR stressed on the need to shift from manual to complete automated system to facilitate the taxpayers. Mr. Shabbar Zaidi also emphasized the need to document all the economic transactions which could be great source of revenue generation for the country.

Chairman FBR took the FBR officers into confidence and assured that the issues being confronted by the FBR employees would be addressed under his leadership. He sought the support of all the officers to work as a team for the betterment of the institution and country. He thanked the Prime Minister for reposing trust in him and pledged to bring improvement in the working and performance of FBR as per expectations of the Prime Minister.

The FBR officers asked questions which were answered by the new Chairman in a very candid manner. The Chairman hoped to have regular interactions with the FBR officers in future.

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