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RTO II Lahore - Voluntary Tax Compliance Scheme 2016 , Outreach plan for Districts of Lahore, Kasur & Okara

Please refer to the Board’s letter CNo.3(1) Rev:Bud/2016 dated 01.02.2016 on the subject.
2.It is reported that a comprehensive Outreach Plan for the districts of Lahore, Kasur and Okara, falling in the jurisdiction of Regional Tax Office-II, Lahore, has been envisaged in order to maximize filing of returns under the Voluntary Tax Compliance Scheme(VCTS) 2016. The basic idea is to actively engage all the stake holders i.e. Public Representatives, Trader Associations, Tax Bars and Press / Media.
3. In this regard, a massive outreach campaign has already been launched to apprise the trade community with the details of Tax Amnesty Scheme. Mr. Muhammad Ali (Additional Commissioner Inland Revenue) has been nominated as focal person. He and his teams have already held various informative sessions with the traders falling in the jurisdiction of RTO-II, Lahore e.g. traders from Gulberg, Johar Town, Nishtar Town, Bahria Town etc. Some of the actions taken in this regard are summarized as follows:
a). Meetings were held on 29.01.2016 between Commissioners of respective Zones and representatives of the trade bodies. It was discussed that teams will be constituted to reach every nook and corner of the commercial areas to educate the traders.
b).VTCS kiosks have been established at 17 points of different areas of jurisdiction falling under RTO-II, Lahore and respective teams have been notified.
c). For the sake of mobile publicity and facilitation two mobile Kiosks have been made effective with the target to educate the taxpayers and prospective filers.
d). VTCS has been publicized with the help of brochures, banners and pamphlets which are on display in the markets, offices of the trade associations, tax office and all the kiosks.
4.special meeting was arranged by this office today at the Conference Hall of RTO-II, Lahore for guidance of the members of trade bodies. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Yasmin Fatima (Additional Commissioner - Headquarters) and Mr. Muhammad Ali (Additional Commissioner/Focal person for the region). Officers of the Inland Revenue nominated as team members in respect of various markets/associations attended the meeting. A detailed presentation was given to the august guests by the focal person on the subject of rules and regulations, conditions and benefits of Tax Amnesty Scheme. The participants showed keen interest in the presentation and were curious to inquire about the details of the scheme. The presentation was followed by question answer session wherein the representatives of trade bodies raised questions relating to filling of returns under the Amnesty Scheme. In the end it was decided that further meetings will be held between trade bodies from different areas of the region and the respective focal persons. Electronic media covered entire meeting and the same is scheduled to be aired on City42 today. (Pictures of the session are attached herewith at Page 3).
5. Further strategy for coming days is summarized as follows:
1) Facilitation desks shall be set up at offices in the Muffasil areas to educate and facilitate traders vis-à-vis filing of returns.
2) The concerned Unit In charge shall collect the membership details of the local traders from the respective trade bodies including names, business address and cell number.
3) Each center shall serve as facilitation / collection center for filing of returns under this scheme. Manual registers shall be maintained for entry of each return filed under the said scheme.
4) Tehsil Facilitation / Collection Centers shall be monitored by the respective Unit Incharge (E&C).
5) Data Entry Operators shall be provided at every desk to immediately enter the returns received under the Scheme.
6) All facilitation and collection centers shall display banners and pana-flexes to promote the scheme.
7) Handouts and pamphlets shall be distributed among the traders community during visits of respective Anjaman-e-Tajran offices.
8) An FBR branded vehicle show-casing the Voluntary Tax Scheme shall be provided to each unit in order to maximize the outreach in the traders community located in the outskirts of the Muffassil Districts.
9) Local cable networks shall be actively engaged to run the advertisement material produced at the Board level.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (RUKHSANA YASMIN)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue

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