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RTO Karachi - Meeting of Special Assistant to Prime Minister with officers of RTOs / LTUs Karachi

Meeting of Special Assistant to Prime Minister with officers of RTOs / LTUs Karachi


  • 1. In Chair: Mr. Haroon Akhtar Khan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Revenue affairs
  • 2. Notable Guests:
  •   Dr. Irshad Khan, Member ( IR-Operations, FBR)
  •  Rehmantullah Wazir, Member ( IR-Policy, FBR)
3. Participants: Chief Commissioners, Commissioners and Additional Commissioners
4. Agenda: Voluntary Compliance Tax Scheme
  •  In line with Islamic tradition, the meeting opened with the recitation from Holy Quran done by worthy CCIR Hafiz Muhammad Ali Indhar
  •  The Chief Guest of the occasion and the distinguished guests were then welcomed wholeheartedly by CCIR, RTO on behalf of all the participant officers.
  •  Mr. Haroon Akhtar felicitated the officers of Karachi on their frantic efforts in the achievement of targets till Dec-'15; acknowledging the bright lot and reposing trust in them for meeting revenue targets in the months ahead
  •  Mr. Haroon Akhtar called Karachi the ' Major Revenue Spinner' and Lifeblood of Pakistan's economy, which contributes around 70% to national exchequer
  •  Dwelling upon the newly introduced Voluntary Compliance Tax Scheme ( VCTS), he urged the officers to woo the traders to avail of the scheme with the persuasive approach
  •  Mr. Haroon Akhtar highlighted the benefits underpinned this voluntary compliance approach, citing broadening of tax base and tapping the tax potential of ' Parallel Economy' as the favorable outcomes
  •  He implored upon the officers to redress the grievances of business community by according them a patient hearing
  •  He further emphasized the ideals FBR firmly stands by calling merit the only touchstone for Reward and Recognition
  •  Appreciating the financial fervor, economic temperament and dynamism, he compared Karachi to New York of United States of America
  •  Drawing on the Indian Model of taxation, he said that if we improve our tax-to-GDP ratio to that of India, there would be no fiscal deficit
  •  In the end, he impressed upon the officers to work passionately with positive outlook by ' Looking big; thinking big and achieving big."
  •  Dr. Irshad khan thanked the worthy chief guest for taking time out of his busy schedule for visit to Karachi.
  •  Member ( IR-Operations) held out assurance to Chief guest regarding the performance of officers and appreciated the considerate and favorable response regarding the issues of officers. 
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