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Seminar on Taxpayers Audit for Tax Year 2013 RTO Gujranwala

A seminar on Audit Process of the cases selected for audit for Tax Year 2013, was organized by Gujranwala Region on 2nd October, 2014 for guidance of the officers. Focus of the seminar was legal provisions, practical problems faced by the officers as well as taxpayers, documentation for completion of audit and adherence to time frame provided by the Board. President and a Senior Member of Gujranwala Tax Bas Association were invited to present tax practitioners and taxpayers’ points of view.
The seminar was presided by CCIR and attended by all officers of the region. Commissioner Inland Revenue (Appeals) Gujranwala was invited. After recitation of Holy Quran, Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khan, Commissioner Inland Revenue Zone-II, RTO Gujranwala made a detailed presentation on how to conduct audit and explained the relevant provisions of law and procedure to be followed during audit proceedings. After presentation, the participants discussed the obstacles in speedy disposal of audit cases, issues pertaining to proper service of notices and impact of improper service in test of appeal besides time frame to be given to taxpayers for production of relevant record for audit. The CCIR reiterated that provisions of law must be followed during audit and taxpayers be dealt with respect and dignity. Whole of the process should be transparent and without any compromise on integrity. He also pointed out that audit officers and those in withholding zone should work in close association so that the taxpayers were saved from double hassle of audit i.e. one of the normal case Income Tax or Sales Tax and second of withholding tax.
The interactive session ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.
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