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Tax Accelerating Growth and Reform (TAGR) Event

Bidders’ session for under Tax Accelerating Growth and Reform (TAGR) project of World Bank on Strengthening FBR’S Capacity in Information Technology and Fiscal Research & Tax Policy was held on 31st December at FBR Auditorium.

  • It was an open house session for all bidders the agenda was to discuss General Concepts
  • Reasons of Failure in previous bids
  • World Bank expectation and How to prepare bidding documents to avoid any consequences.

Some 25 participants attended the workshop from various organizations, innovative integration; ORBIN; Info Tech; Techaccess; Jaffer Brothers; Metis International; Arcana, Mega plus; IBL-Unisys; Premier systems; Astron Tech; Synergy com; Neva Telecom; Supernet; DWP technologies; PTCL; CMA; Arwen tech.

Chief Procurement TAGR headed the session, technical and general queries were responded by the procurement committee and PRAL team.

The session ended with vote of Thanks and audience were informed that Request For Bids session will be held on 6th February, 2019 at same hall and all queries, concerns regarding RFB document will be addressed in the next session.



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