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Tax Awareness educational session held in IMCB F-8/4

In continuation of holding Tax Awareness Educational Sessions in different educational institutes of Islamabad, Federal Board of Revenue held another session in Islamabad Model College for Boys F-8/4. Chief, Facilitation and Taxpayers’ Education (FATE) of FBR Aisha Farooq in her speech highlighted the significance of tax payment and the role of young generation for promotion of tax culture.

Different activities for the students were arranged in the Tax Awareness Educational Session which greatly helped the students to understand the tax structure and importance of tax payment responsibility. Poster competition having theme “Tax and National Progress”  was arranged for the students. The officers of FATE Wing made the students to understand tax system in a very easy to understand manner. Secretary FATE, Sonia Anwar also informed about the recent facilitative measures taken by FBR for the taxpayers. The students were informed about Tax Asaan App and tax filing. The students asked questions on tax system during the session which were comprehensively answered by Chief FATE. A quiz competition was also arranged to gauge the understanding of the students on the subject after the session. The students were also informed about the benefits of tax filing. FBR officers highlighted the negative effects of tax evasion on national economy.

Adnan Akram Bajwa, Secretary PR and Rashid Rana, Secretary FATE distributed prizes among the winning students of quiz and poster competition. Students showed great enthusiasm in all the activities. The Principal of the college Muhammad Yaseen Affaqi and Director, FDE Asif Iqbal also spoke on the occasion.


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