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Tax Awareness educational session held in IMCG G-10/4

Under the Letter of Understanding (LoU) signed between FBR and FDE, Federal Board of Revenue has started holding Educational Awareness Sessions in different educational institutes of Islamabad. Facilitation and Taxpayers Education Wing (FATE) of FBR held the first Educational Awareness Session in Islamabad Model College for Girls G-10/4. In line with the vision of Prime Minister to promote the tax culture and under the directions of Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood and Chairman FBR Muhammad Javed Ghani, series of Awareness Educational Sessions will be carried out by FATE Wing in collaboration with FDE in different educational institutes of Islamabad.

Aisha Farooq, Chief (FATE), FBR and Zia Batool, DG FDE were the Chief Guests on the occasion. DG, FDE welcomed the officers of FBR and thanked the administration of both FBR and FDE to make this session successful. She hoped that such sessions would increase the knowledge of students about taxes and its significance in the economic progress.


Aisha Farooq, Chief FATE said that the purpose of holding these sessions was to promote the tax culture. She further said that students would learn about the significance of paying taxes in their initial years through these sessions which would help them make  responsible taxpayers in their later years. “The students would help spread the message of paying taxes,” she added.

Sonia Anwar, Secretary FATE delivered a very informative and easy to understand presentation to the students on the structure of tax system and the significance in nation building. The students delivered speeches on the ‘importance of taxes’ during the event. The winning students were given prizes. In the end, the Principal of the college Rakhshanda Manzoor thanked FBR for holding this informative session.




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