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Taxpayer awareness workshop on Return Filing in RTO Hyderabad

The Tax Payers’ Facilitation Section (BTB-IP-TFD-HRM Range/Zone), Regional Tax Office, Hyderabad, under the directives of Mr. Misri Ladhani, the Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, RTO Hyderabad, as well as under the zonal stewardship of Mr. Ghulam Shabbir Memon, Commissioner Inland Revenue (BTB-IP-TFD-HRM), RTO Hyderabad, successfully organized a series of important taxpayers’ awareness workshop(s) on “e-Filing of Tax Returns for Tax Year 2013” at Conference Room, RTO Hyderabad.

2. The three workshops cum briefing sessions were attended by representatives/officials of over 80 entities/organizations. The list of organizations invited to three workshops is tabulated at the end of the report. The participants came from a range of sections (Admin, Finance/Accounts, Management) and executive positions ( Senior Officers, Executive Engineers, Directors, Managers, Support IT personnel and other Officers/Officials), who enthusiastically participated in the proceedings and activities of the workshop(s)-cum-briefing session(s).

3. The key objectives of these workshop(s) cum briefing(s) were set as provided hereunder:

  • To inform the key stakeholder organizations and their employees of the provisions of and amendments introduced in the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, vide Finance Act, 2013 as well as relevant SRO’s for salaried class, regarding mandatory requirement for filing of income tax returns / statements for tax year 2013 in order to create awareness and encourage maximum voluntary compliance by due/extended deadline for filing of returns;

  • To inform the participants of the implications for non-/delayed filing of income tax returns/statements as employers’ annual statement of tax deduction, was no longer acceptable in lieu of an employee’s/salaried person’s tax return;

  • To guide taxpayer’s as to how to apply and obtain National Tax Number (NTN) expeditiously;

  • To guide govt. employer organizations/govt. entities as to how to apply to obtain Free Tax Number (FTNs) to enable them to e-file monthly /annual statements of tax deduction;


  • To guide as to how to get e-enrolled using FBR’s web – based software for the purpose of enabling salaried persons / taxpayers to e-file tax returns/statements;

  • To orient with the e-filing process for filing of tax returns in a detailed manner;

  • To provide further information through Question & Answer session.

4. These workshops commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran. The workshops were coordinated and anchored by Mr. Farooq Qamar (AD-IP/workshop coordinator/return entry in-charge), BTB-IP-TFD-HRM Range, RTO Hyderabad. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Gopang (DD-IP/TFC In-charge), BTB-IP-TFD-HRM Range, RTO Hyderabad, provided the necessary support; whereas Mr. Muhammad Shamim, Deputy Commissioner Inland Revenue (BTB-IP-TFD-HRM Unit-I), RTO Hyderabad, provided the overall guidance and oversight.

5. The overall organizations support and facilitation was extended by Pir Khalid, Additional Commissioner Inland Revenue (Hqs) RTO Hyderabad.

6. Mr. Abdul Rehman Rind, Additional Commissioner Inland Revenue, ZI, RTO Hyderabad, welcomed the workshop’s participants and emphasized the importance of filing of returns of income requesting the participants to ensure maximum voluntary compliance by salaried employees of their esteemed organizations/entities.

7. Each Workshop-cum-Briefing was organized in the following 4 parts:

PART-I; The first session of each workshop focused in detail, on the first two objectives, creating awareness in terms of requirements of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, for filing of tax returns for Tax Year 2013, and briefing the participants with amendments introduced vide Finance Act 2013 as well as relevant SROs introduced concerning salaried class

The participants were categorically informed that the income tax law required for TY 2013, that employers’ annual statement of tax deduction from salary, was no longer acceptable in lieu of an employee’s return of income for tax year 2013, as per amended Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

The participants were also made aware that all salaried/other persons, with annual income of Rs.0.5 (M) or above, continue to be mandatorily required under Income Tax law, to e-file their returns of income; whereas salaried persons with income (chargeable to tax) less than Rs.0.5 (m) were also required to file their tax returns manually or electronically.

As regards, mandatory filing of wealth statements, the participants were also informed that the Government / FBR had recently relaxed the condition for filing of mandatory wealth statement, for taxpayers vide SRO 978(i)/2013 dated 13.11.2013.

The participants were also briefly oriented with legal implications in case of non-/delayed compliance of the mandatory requirements as provided under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

The participating organizations were also reminded of their obligation to file Annual/Periodic statements by due dates.

The participants were motivated to avoid default of non/delayed compliance and requested to ensure and encourage maximum voluntary compliance from the employees.

The participating officials showed keen interest in this engaging and interactive session.

Relevant material was also provided.

PART II : Applying for obtaining NTN & FTN : the Process

By Mr. Zaheeruddin Babar, Manager PRAL, RTO Hyderabad

In this session of this workshop, the participants were briefed about the process for obtaining NTN certificate (manually/online). The participants were explained the all the steps involved in the process for NTN (or FTN for government departments/entities) issuance. The participants were also demonstrated as to how to fill in the prescribed NTN / FTN application form and complete the documentary (verification for FTN) requirements.

The participants were also informed that the FBR charged no fees for issuance of NTNs/FTNs. Moreover, the participants were assured that the NTNs were issued within 48 hours of receipt of a complete application. It was also informed to the participants that a person cannot e-file his/her return without an NTN.

Relevant material was also provided.

PART III: E-filing of a Tax Return/Statement : the process

By Mr. Muhammad Mudassir, IP/MIS Officer (BTB-IP-TFD-HRM)

In this session, the participants were oriented with the e-enrolment process, followed by a detailed briefing about e-filing process including explanation of relevant sections of tax returns and related annexes.

The participants were informed that without having an NTN, e-enrolment could not be obtained being the first step before e-filing of a tax return. The participants were also informed that, where a mandatory wealth statement was required along with return/statement, one could not submit return /statement without required wealth statement. However, it was informed, where no such requirement was in place in the system as per law, taxpayers could easily e-file the returns, as the mandatory requirements were built in the web-based software.

Relevant material was also provided.

PART- IV: General Questions & Answers By Additional Commissioner IR, BTB-IP-TFD-HRM Range, RTO Hyderabad, assisted by the DCIR (BTB-IP-TFD-HRM Unit-I) & IP/PRAL team.

The participants’ queries were answered and appropriate responses were given on the spot. The participants were also advised to approach the local Inland Revenue Office(s), located in most district headquarter towns within the Districts of Hyderabad/Mirpurkhas divisions, should they have any further queries in future.

The participants also floated the idea of training of trainer(s) for large employer organizations, as well as holding of similar awareness workshops at their premises in future. The RTO team welcomed the suggestion and requested the participants to send their written request to the Commissioner Inland Revenue (BTB-IP-TFD-HRM), RTO Hyderabad for consideration of extending follow up facilitation by the RTO Hyderabad, with the approval of the Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, RTO Hyderabad.

The participating officials / representative heartily appreciated RTO Hyderabad initiative taken under the leadership of Mr. Misri Ladhani, the Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, Regional Tax Office Hyderabad, for raising awareness of taxpayers / salaried class and encouraging maximum voluntary compliance. The participants expressed appreciation for proper organizing and effective content management of the workshops.

8. The Workshop(s) cum-Briefing(s) were concluded with final words of thanks delivered by Mr. Ghulam Shabbir Memon/Dr. Tauqeer Ahmed Memon, Commissioner(s) Inland Revenue, BTB-IP-TFD-HRM/ZI, RTO Hyderabad.

The participating officials were motivated to act as ‘’change agent’’ in communicating and spreading the message to their employees of their organizations / entities, that each salaried / person, with income chargeable to tax, was obligated under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, to file manually or e-file, as the case may be, his/her tax return for tax year 2013 by due / extended deadline for filing of returns, so that the employees could be encouraged to file their returns voluntarily.

9. List of Participating/Invited Entities/Organizations to the series of three workshops aimed at raising awareness of taxpayers for e-filing of tax returns for tax year 2013, held at Regional Tax Office Hyderabad.

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