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Taxpayer Facilitation Workshop held at RTO Rawalpindi

Taxpayers Facilitation Workshop held at RTO Rawalpindi

FBR has undertaken an initiative of maximum outreach to the taxpayers to inform them about its various initiatives for their facilitation and education with the objective of broadening of tax base as well as facilitating the taxpayers.

In this regard, Facilitation and Taxpayers Education (FATE) wing of FBR has launched a series of interactive workshops all over the country to interact with the taxpayers.

The objectives of the workshops are to communicate with the taxpayers and to educate them about the various initiatives undertaken by FBR and the FATE wing to facilitate them as well as to get feedback from the taxpayers to fine tune and improve the FBR-taxpayer relationship.
The first of this series of workshops was held on. 08-04-2014 at the Regional Tax Office (RTO) Rawalpindi to interact with the Withholding agents of different organizations.
The workshop was opened by Member FATE Ms. Riffat Shaheen Qazi who introduced the objectives of the workshop and encouraged the participants to freely and openly discuss their problems regarding the tax system and to give their input for improvement of the system.
The Chief Commissioner of RTO Rawalpindi, Mr. Aftab Ahmed appreciated the initiative of FATE Wing of FBR and said that these workshops should be turned into a regular feature as they provide an opportunity of first hand interaction with the taxpayers and other stakeholders. He hoped that the participants would actively participate in the session and would come up with valuable suggestions and feedback.
A detailed presentation was given on the Withholding Agents system of tax collection highlighting the laws and provisions of the WHT agents. Another presentation on FBR’s web portal elaborating the facilities and information provided on the web portal were explained to the audience so they can take full benefit of the system.
The presentation was followed by a lively and detailed Questions and Answers session where the participants highlighted their concerns which were answered by Member FATE Ms. Riffat Shaheen Qazi, Member (HRM) Ms. Yasmeen Saud and Chief Commissioner RTO Rawalpindi Mr. Aftab Ahmed.
The participants of the workshop appreciated the initiative of holding these workshops and thanked FBR for providing them with this opportunity of direct interaction with the tax authorities and hoped that these workshops would be made a regular feature of FBR’s outreach program.
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