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Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations Wing is one of the support wings of FBR created to provide the very best facilitation to the taxpayers in helping to fulfill their tax obligations.

Public Relations Wing is at the forefront of efforts initiated to increase country’s Tax net. PR wing’s efforts are reflected through the following activities:

FBR Helpline

Public Relations Wing has taken measures that have helped to simplify the Tax filing process by not only educating the Taxpayer but also providing them a forum (FBR Helpline) through which they can put forward their queries and seek resolution to most of their issues via phone, email or website.

With the installation of international standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System and three (3) tier support lines, FBR Helpline has the capability of promptly resolving Taxpayer issues. Taxpayers are provided a case number for each complaint lodged and directed to the appropriate tier support team. Furthermore, the helpline representatives are providing all possible support to the Taxpayers in ensuring that they are easily able to navigate the Income Tax portal (Iris).

FBR helpline can be reached through phone (051-111-772-772) and email (

Awareness Campaign & Taxpayer Education

Taxpayer Education and Awareness programmes are regularly conducted across the country. The campaigns are in the form of workshops, seminars along with personal visits by Member & Chief Public Relations to prominent institutions and organizations in the country. These endeavors highlight the importance of filing Tax returns along with detail briefing on how to actually file Income Tax Return on FBR’s Income Tax portal (Iris).

Public Relations Wing makes necessary arrangements for providing all the essential trainings on how to file Tax Returns. Workshops, seminars and lectures are regularly conducted across Pakistan in various organizations, Chamber of Commerce and universities highlighting the importance of paying Taxes and how to file Tax returns.

Furthermore, Public Relations Wing also reaches out to various ministries by asking for their support in ensuring that all their employees are filing their respective Tax returns.

Media Cell

FBR’s Media Cell managed by Public Relations Wing informs the public and various stakeholders regarding FBR’s policy and initiatives on various matters. It runs timely reminders on Tax filing due dates and citizens’ responsibility regarding payment of taxes on various media platforms.


FBR’s Website is the primary platform used by various Wings of FBR to issue relevant notifications and updates on various Tax matters. The website also contains latest updates of all the applicable Tax rules and regulations. The website is the primary means to access the updated Active Taxpayer List (ATL); which is updated every Monday. Public Relations Wing is responsible for uploading and maintaining all the contents of the website.


Management of FBR’s official Email, used for official correspondence is under the control of Public Relations Wing. Public Relations Wing is responsible for the creation, deletion, management of email accounts of all the FBR officers all over Pakistan. Public Relations Wing has introduced Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for creating and managing official email accounts.

Updating Legal Resources & Brochures

Public Relations Wing is responsible for ensuring that various legal resources (Ordinance, Acts & Rules) along with Taxpayer facilitation brochures are up to date and available for the Taxpayer and various stakeholders on the FBR’s website.

Grievance Redressal & Access to Public Records

Public Relations Wing ensures that cases of Taxpayer grievances such as maladministration, corruption and misbehavior are resolved in a just and timely manner. Furthermore, PR also facilitates in disposal of cases related to delay in refund, selection of audit withdrawal, condonation of time limit for Sales Tax, along with restoration of Custom agent license and implementations of various Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) recommendations. Public Relations Wing is also bound to ensure smooth access to public records pertaining to Tax under Right of Access to Information Act, 2007(previously under the Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002); safeguarding citizens’ rights and making the Tax administration accountable to the Taxpayers.

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