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Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP)

Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP)

Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) is a Government-owned system on Mobile Application whereby the taxpayer can refer the contentious issues for consideration and recommendations of the independent experts on the subjects of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Customs and Federal Excise Duty (FED). On Government’s side, it helps to promote the culture of quantified performance management and make FBR / Government entity accountable for their mandated roles and responsibilities. It also helps in identification of grey areas in the service delivery regime for timely intervention and improvement.

People by installation of the App, can benefit in the following ways:

· Direct interaction and connectivity with the concerned office/officers/at any level without any mobility until required.

· No reference from public servants or representatives required to put forward a case.

· Regular update and real time tracking regarding the status of complaints etc.

For this purpose the procedure for lodging a complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) is very simple. The complainant has to download the application i.e. available on Play Store & App Store and by simply providing a few basic personal information for registering himself / herself and the issue regarding which the complaint is being made. The complainant can forward his / her query or issue to the high ranked desk sitting in his / her comfort zone without making any physical interaction.

The complainant must provide CNIC/NTN no. while lodging a complaint for effective redressal. 

Relevant links to access PCP are available below:


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