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POS Invoice Verification

POS Invoice Verification

In order to verify the purchases from Tier-1 Intergrated Retailers, the customers shall verify their electronically generated invoice either through Tax Asaan App or sending invoice number via SMS to 9966.
The application shall notify the customer regarding the status of the invoice either as verified or unverified.

POS Invoice Verification - Tax Asaan App

  • Open "FBR POS" Menu
  • Tap on "Verify Invoice" icon
  • Enter FBR Invoice no. or scan QR code printed on the receipt
Additional details regarding verification of POS invoice through Tax Asaan App can be viewed from the links below:

POS Invoice Verification - SMS code 9966

Type INV<space> CNIC no. <space> FBR invoice no. and send it to 9966

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