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FBR issues over 100 billion refunds during current year

Federal Board of Revenue today (31st May, 2018) issued further refunds of Rs 31.3 billion to take the total amount of refunds issued during the year to more than Rs 100 billion in first 11 months as against Rs 54 billion issued during the entire 12 months of the previous year.

Meanwhile, Federal Board of Revenue during the first 11 months  of the current financial year has also recorded a provisional net revenue collection of over Rs. 3274 billion as against Rs. 2854 billion collected during the same period of the previous fiscal year, excluding collection  on account of book adjustments which depicts an increase of around 15%.

The provisional collection for the month of May 2018 is Rs 351 billion excluding collection on account of book adjustments. The figures of collection received in the treasuries of the remote areas may further swell the revenue figures. The revenue collection trend during the first eleven months of the financial year augurs well for the efforts of FBR towards achievement of the assigned revised annual revenue target.


Hamid Raza Khan
Secretary (PR-FATE)
May 31, 2018
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