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FBR Uploads Income Tax Return Forms for Tax Year-2022

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has uploaded the Income Tax Return Forms for Tax Year-2022. Separate Income Tax Return Forms for Salaried, Association of Persons(AOPs), Business Individuals, and Companies have been uploaded. The Income Tax Returns can be filed through FBR's Web Portal (Iris System), and Tax Asaan application.
In a press statement issued here on Friday, FBR has further stated that taxpayers are provided complete guidance about filling all the required particulars in the form. The Income Tax Returns can be filed online also through smart phones by installing the Tax Aasaan application from Google Play Store/App Store. However, to maximize general awareness, a media campaign will soon be launched for taxpayers' facilitation and public awareness.The Salaried/ Business Individuals & AOPs can file their Income Tax Returns by 30th September, 2022 whereas companies can file Income Tax Returns according to their due dates.
Public Relations Wing
Jul 01, 2022
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