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Strategic Planning Reforms & Statistics (SPR&S)

Strategic Planning Reforms & Statistics (SPR&S)


  • Detailed analysis of Collection vs. Targets
  • Improve Revenue Collection through Research, Analysis of Data and Information
  • Improvement in all fields of knowledge and services i.e. taxation and facilitation, Broadening of Tax Base etc

Further Job description is as under

  • Bi-Annual Review
  • Revenue Division Year Book
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Liaison with donor agencies like IMF/world Bank
  • National Assembly / Senate Business (data related)
  • Correspondence with Government bodies like Finance division, Planning Commission etc
  • Coordination with different organizations for dissemination of information and data

Revenue Collections

FBR Biannual/Quarterly Reviews

FBR Revenue Division Year Books

FBR Year Books

Tax Administration Reforms Program (TARP)

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